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Field Trip | 05.27.2022

Herb Plated: Feast On Authentic Mexican Food At Antonio’s On Melrose

You can't miss out on these mouthwatering Mexican dishes.

My palette craves Mexican food on a weekly basis. But not just any Mexican food like your Americanized burritos and quesadillas. 

I’m talking authentic eats that taste as if you’re at the best resort in Mexico. Luckily, my friends and I stumbled into Antonio’s Bar & Grill on Melrose. 

This cozy and quaint restaurant has been serving Angelenos the best Mexican food since 1970. It’s owned by Antonio Gutierrez and run by his son-in-law/restaurant manager Guillermo Rodriguez. 

It’s a true LA classic. Before we went inside, my friends and I passed around the Desert Gold Pre-Roll from LEUNE.

Check out my delicious order and recommendations below if you’re wondering what’s hot on the menu. 

First Course

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Anna Tarazevich

It’s always interesting to compare your usual guacamole to that of an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Antonio’s didn’t let us down. 

Its Guacamole and Chips were so delicious that we were scraping the bottom of the dish for every last green clump. 

The cilantro paired with the bright lime juice was so fresh, and the crunchy corn tortilla chips were baked to perfection. 

Second Course

Photo by Los Muertos Crew

There’s something about corn tortillas that makes me weak in the knees. They’re so flavorful, and when they’re crunchy and baked, it’s all the more delightful.

I opted for Antonio’s Taquitos because you can’t go wrong with this scrumptious finger-food.

Stuffed inside each tightly wrapped shell was shredded chicken and melted Cotija cheese. 

It came with a heaping amount of guac and salsa; plus, it was served with savory Mexican rice and refried beans.


Photo by Anna Tis

There were three options on Antonio’s dessert menu, Fried Bananas, Cheesecake, and Flan. 

Of course, I went for the deep-fried bananas. This experience on my palate was to die for. It made me want to recreate it at home in the air-fryer, but that oily deep-fried goodness is tough to replicate to perfection. 

Antonio’s Fried Bananas are two breaded and crispy bananas with a crunchy exterior and a soft, mushy core. It also comes with a sweet custard and strawberries with a jam-like sauce for the freshest bites.

Final Thoughts

Photo by courtesy of Antonio’s Restaurant

It’s hard to say no when dishes on dishes of authentic Mexican food are staring you in the face.

Antonio’s has everything you could think of and more, from enchiladas and burritos to huevos rancheros and carne asada. 

My friends and I were so impressed with the staff, dishes, and design of Antonio’s, and we’ll definitely head back for more sometime soon. 

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