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Herb Plated: Pizza Cravings? Meet Maker Pizza

If you are a pizza fan, Maker Pizza might be your cheesy slice of heaven on earth.

Suppose you’re like me and can’t say no to a slice of pizza, even less so when the munchies attack. This place might be your new favorite spot.

For added convenience, Maker Pizza has 4 locations across Toronto, Ontario.

The restaurant’s famous phrase “it must be perfect, or it must be done again” perfectly describes these pizzas.

Perfectly cooked pies have the best combination of crunchiness and softness, with the exact amount of sauce and ingredients that make the flavors dance in your mouth as a mixture of textures and sensations.

First Course

By the time I got to the restaurant, I was already on a considerable high, and the munchies were screaming for everything on the menu. 

When I saw the Garlic Fingers option, my mouth watered, and I knew I had to start there. 

The perfect blend of garlic, mozzarella, parmesan, basil, and some chili flakes gave it that special touch without an overpowering flavor. 

On the high I was on, eating these Garlic Fingers was almost a miraculous experience. I couldn’t believe that so much flavor was at my fingertips, and it was the ideal start to this chef’s kiss quality meal. 

Second Course


The Garlic Fingers were gone as quickly as they arrived.

I ordered the So Mushroom pizza. The size was perfect for just me and my cravings.

I have to confess I’m a sucker for white bases and blends of flavors. With basil, cremini mushrooms, grass-fed mozzarella, mascarpone, fresh garlic, grana padano, sea salt, cracked pepper, and lemon zest, this pizza is the description of comfort food.

The crust was crispy and chewy, cooked evenly, and the cheese was super stringy and loaded with mushrooms. Very well done, Chef Matty Matheson, for creating this delight.

They also have over ten pizza flavors, two with white bases and the rest with red. They even have a vegan option.

And if that wasn’t enough, they also have wings, sandwich options, and off-menu options worth checking out.


I had to try the Maker Chocolate Chip Cookie, and when I say had to, it was a must.

This cookie really is out of this world, a mix of crunchiness with softness and chocolate chips that melt with the rest.

Maker Pizza is a good place in the neighborhood when you want to elevate your pizza game.

The interior is minimalist but comfortable, with large communal tables—a place you must check out if you’re in Ontario.

Final Words

Photo by Harrison Haines

Maker doesn’t reinvent what a pizza is.

They just hit the basics and make a delicious creation. Any of his dishes is a guaranteed delight.

The cheese is springy, the toppings are super tasty, and the sauce is well-seasoned. When you combine all these factors, you get an experience you’ll want to try, whether you are high or not.

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