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Herb Plated: 10 Sweet Treats Around LA You Need To Try Before Summer Ends

Here are some of the most delicious, mouth-watering, must-try desserts in LA.

Summer is passing, and with it goes some of the most delicious seasonal desserts. But don’t worry. Many are making a permanent stay on the menu. From traditional desserts to dairy-free ice cream to international blends, a whole range of dessert possibilities can be found in Los Angeles.

What could be better than getting a delicious dessert to soothe the munchies on a warm, beautiful day?

Take your weed with you, and as you walk the streets of LA with a munchies-filled high, head to one of these places to calm it down in the best way possible.

After a full day of lounging on the city’s best beaches, hiking the hills, biking the scenic bike paths, or checking out the city’s best dispensaries, you’ll be ready to give your taste buds a sensory ecstasy.

These Los Angeles summer delights are worth it.

Soufflé Au Chocolate At Pasjoli

Photo courtesy of P A S J O L I

The Soufflé Au Chocolate at Pasjoli is a classic of Los Angeles living.

Brought to the table still with the heat from the oven, it is a huge dark chocolate soufflé served with vanilla ice cream and a warm chocolate sauce, a combination of flavors and textures that you should definitely try.

Rose Petal Pie at Birdie G's

Photo courtesy of Birdie G’s

This rose petal pie has become famous for its delicate preparation and delicious flavor.

The perfect dessert brings together a blend of rose and raspberry mousse with chunks of rose, strawberry, and hibiscus jelly, placed on a pretzel crust and sprinkled with dried raspberry powder, candied rose petals, and fresh berries. Each slice is finished with flower petals.

Birdie G’s rose petal cake is not only instagrammable, but it’s also delicious.

Birthday Cake Ice Cream at Dear Bella Creamery

Photo courtesy of Dear Bella Creamery

This is the spot you’re looking for when you have a vegan craving, something healthier than regular ice cream. With just one bite, you’ll be on your way to heaven. Did we mention that all the products in the store are dairy and gluten-free? Well, you’ll never even know it.

Made with a base of coconut or oat milk, cane sugar, and vanilla, the fantastic vegan flavors will have you ditching dairy for good.

Their seasonal flavors are a hit. Our new favorite? Birthday cake!

Salted Caramel Pecan Pie from The Pie Hole

Photo courtesy of The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole elevates the classic pecan pie by adding salted caramel to the filling. This is a mix of flavors and textures that dance in your mouth.

Who doesn’t love apple pie and salted caramel?

Crisp Granny Smith apples are combined with sweet Gala apples and generously topped with homemade caramel sauce. Finished with a fine sprinkle of Maldon sea salt and baked to perfection. Is your mouth watering yet?

S'mores Bar from Village Bakery and Café

Photo courtesy of The Village Bakery and Cafe

This s’mores bar is everything that’s right. Varied and delicious flavors to choose from, no need to go camping to enjoy s’mores made to perfection.

To be honest, all the desserts at Village Bakery and Cafe are delicious and homemade, but the s’mores bar takes the crown.

Warm Mochi From Here's Looking At You

Photo courtesy of Here’s Looking At You

The warm mochi filled with roasted chestnut paste is an instant classic, with its muscovado caramel and coconut cream flourishes. The entire creation is topped with halvah for a sweet and crunchy touch.

The restaurant reopened its doors in early January 2022 and, in a way, it seemed like no time had passed. Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of their delicious desserts.

S’mores Choco Taco at Agnes

Photo courtesy of Agnes

Keeping with the memories of a warm summer night, we recommend you try Agnes’ S’mores Choco Taco.

This is an iconic Choco Taco with the classic s’mores. The taco is a combination of dark chocolate, graham cracker, pizzelle, marshmallow, and peanuts. These tacos are an exquisite variation of the s’mores theme.

Macarons from Bottega Louie

Photo courtesy of Bottega Louie

Who said you had to go all the way to Paris to try some of the most delicious macarons? At Bottega Louie, you can do it easily.

Bottega Louie’s macarons are some of the best you can buy. The flavors are quite varied, including mango, strawberry, pistachio, espresso, cotton candy, and many, many more.

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches From MILK

Photo courtesy of MILK

What’s better than a macaron? A macaron ice cream sandwich. That’s the answer.

MILK is one of the hottest spots in Los Angeles, and for good reason. These ice cream sandwiches are made with traditional Parisian-style macarons, flavors vary seasonally, and currently feature Red Velvet, Thai Tea, Cookies and Cream, Coffee Toffee, and Fruity Pebbles.

They are the perfect way to combine the best of both worlds and cool off on a hot day strolling the streets of Los Angeles or soothe the munchies after a good weed session.

Ice Cream from Wanderlust Creamery

Photo courtesy of Wanderlust Creamery ®

Wanderlust’s menu is full of flavors you can’t get anywhere else. Inspired by feelings of wanderlust, the creators of this brand have put the world in ice cream flavors.

Every month they have new flavors, so keep an eye out for the new releases they make.

Final Opinion

Without a doubt, Los Angeles is a great place to eat delicious food and buy high-quality weed.

If you are in the city, don’t miss the opportunity and eat some of these delicious desserts before the summer is over. What better than combining a delicious dessert with a good high?

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