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5 Must-Have Cannabis Accessories For Every Successful Stoner

Here's our selection of the five essentials accessories that every successful cannabis enthusiast should have. Created with Basix.

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We all know you just need one thing to be a stoner: cannabis. But, being a successful stoner requires much more than just the precious herb. There are several must-have cannabis accessories, gadgets, and paraphernalia that any successful stoner must have in his smoking kit. The cannabis accessory industry is nowadays just as big and diverse as you can imagine. Brands are constantly coming up with new, innovative accessories that make the smoking process easier, simpler, and better.

One of those brands is Basix. Basix is the one-stop-shop for everyday cannabis smokers, offering the most complete set of cannabis accessories with the best quality and affordable prices. Basix wants to set the new standard for smoking with its premium, stylish accessories essential to any smoker. And today, we have teamed up with them to bring you the ultimate list of the must-have cannabis accessories for any successful stoner.

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The 5 Essential Cannabis Accessories

The Rollr

The Rollr, by KushRX, is the all-in-one tool that any stoner needs to make perfect joints. With the Rollr, even the most inexperienced stoner can roll pro-level joints, cones, or spliffs. This two-pieced device has everything you need to simplify your rolling process and perfect your joints. To use it, begin by inserting a filter tip at the Rollr’s bottom.

After that, add the rolling paper around it, making sure that it is lined up with the filter tip. Wrap the rolling paper around the Rollr, lick the gum, close the paper, and remove the Rollr. You’ll have a cone ready to be filled. Next, split the Rollr into its two pieces. Use the top one as your funnel and the bottom one as a poker. Add your weed and pack it tightly. Lastly, twist the tip and enjoy your perfect joint! Get the Rollr and say goodbye to sloppy, uneven joints for good.


Rolling Papers

No stoner kit can be complete without a pack of rolling papers and tips. This is the cannabis accessory that lets you roll up your favorite strain into anything you want. From the simple, small joint that every smoker loves, all the way to pieces of smokable artwork like the famous cross-joint.

Basix booklets come with 33 slim rolling papers and 33 natural filter tips. Like their pre-rolled cones, Basix’s rolling papers are 100% natural, sourced from only the best paper mills in France to ensure premium quality and consistency. And, of course, the best price. 


RAW Perspector

Ok, so here’s a device that truly screams “pro-weed smoker”. The RAW Perspector is a magnifying glass prodded on a flexible shaft that sticks out from a magnetic base. The base of the Perspector is magnetized to be able to attach to any metal rolling tray. On the base, you’ll find the inner edge to be flat-shaped in order to help you push the material into the rolling loader.

But that’s not all the Prospector’s base does, it also comes equipped with a few slots to hold your pre-rolled cones and a clipper to set your lighter on. The magnifying glass head itself is equipped with dual LED lights and two magnifying options that offer 3x and 5x magnification. The RAW Perspector is made to make your rolling experience easier and more amiable. If you ask us, this sounds like something that’s going on the shopping cart the next time we’re out looking for accessories.


HØJ KLIP Grinder

best weed grinders klip

The whole thing about HØJ as a brand is making sure that customers are able to treat their weed right. Therefore preserving the material’s integrity and subsequently resulting in a more enjoyable smoking sesh. Available in two different sizes (mini and normal), the KLIP is actually only a grinder by name because of the way it slices your weed.

The KLIP uses custom-built dual-blades to finely slike your bud. This allows for ground weed to retain a ‘fluffier’ consistency that burns evenly. Not only that, but this way of slicing preserves the bud’s valuable trichomes better and makes way for a more potent smoke.

Apart from all this innovation, the KLIP also comes with a magnetic cap that enables an almost frictionless turn, which is always nice if you’ve been a user of crappy grinders that seem to make your day harder. If there’s a grinder you should be looking at, it’s the  KLIP, not only because it claims innovation but because it actually comes through with its promises; an easy high-quality grind.


The UFO Alien Spaceship Ashtray

No stoner can be complete without a proper ashtray. Your ashtray is your best friend during and after your smoking sessions. This is where you can safely leave your burning joints, blunts, or spliffs while you do something else, and more importantly, where you drop your ash, your roaches, and any piece of garbage that may appear while you roll or smoke your joints.

And this Alien UFO Spaceship Ashtray from Basix has everything you want out of an ashtray. It has three joint holders where you can safely leave your joint, it is made of a sturdy material that is not only resistant but also super easy to clean, and it has that intergalactic design that will elevate your smoking sessions to another galaxy. 


BONUS: A Basix Starter Kit

This super complete selection of cannabis accessories and gadgets has everything you need before, during, and after your smoke sessions. The Basix Starter Kit really has everything: two Rollrs, two rolling trays, one natural odor eliminator, four 1 ¼ tips, and rolling paper booklets, four king-sized tips and rolling paper booklets, two packs of three king-sized pre-rolled cones, and two packs with four 1 ¼ pre-rolled cones and tips. Any stoner, from the total newbie to the long-time connoisseur, can enjoy this kit. All the products you need and more, with the trademark top quality, stylish design, and amazing price that only Basix can offer.


October 15, 2020 — Last Updated January 29, 2021
Written by Herb
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October 15, 2020 — Last Updated January 29, 2021
Written by Herb
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