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Best Dispensaries In Burlington, Vermont

Find what you need at these Burlington, VT, pot shops.

It wasn’t long ago that Vermont launched adult-use sales. Although there are only a handful of dispensaries in beautiful Burlington, VT, we’ll help connect you with the cream of the crop. 

Vermont legalized recreational cannabis in 2018. However, it took until October 2020 for the state to fully implement legalized and regulated sales. Fast forward another two years, and Vermont finally launched adult-use cannabis sales in October 2022. 

Vermont locals have waited long enough. The plant is legal, and you deserve easy access to quality products. See below for where you can find them at the best dispensaries in Burlington, Vermont. 

Green State Dispensary

Photo By Green State Dispensary

Located at 699 Pine Street, Green State Dispensary in Burlington, Vermont, is where cannabis growers and consumers unite. This shop provides recreational cannabis products and an endless array of grow supplies.

Consumers rave about this dispensary’s wide product selection and the knowledgeable team dedicated to providing consumers with what they came for. This trusted cannabis and grow supplies retailer is happy to supply you with the finest cannabis and related products in Vermont.

Ceres Collaborative Dispensary

Photo By Ceres Collaborative Dispensary

Ceres Collaborative Dispensary is a beautiful cannabis shop with a refreshing retail experience. Sitting at 190 College Street, Ceres has been serving recreational cannabis and the Vermont cannabis community since 2012.

A decade later, they’re more involved in the cannabis community than ever before. They carry products across all formats alongside needed accessories to make your sessions complete. Stop by today and see what Ceres Collaborative Dispensary has in store for you.

Green Leaf Central

Photo By Green Leaf Central

Located at 30 Thorsen Way, Green Leaf Dispensary is known for their unmatched prices and broad product selection. In fact, Green Leaf Central carries the largest selection of Vermont premium sun-grown cannabis products.

Plus, their prices won’t let you down. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable of their products and happy to connect you with something worthwhile for your situation. It’s a delightful retail experience for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

Magic Mann

Photo By Stephen Kastner

Just outside Burlington on 21 Essex Way lies Magic Mann, one of Vermont’s best dispensaries. Not only is the interior pleasing to the eye, but the staff is incredibly patient in letting consumers browse to their heart’s content.

This recreational cannabis dispensary sells premium products, only the best of Vermont’s selection. Their prices are unmatched, and their friendly, fast service helps connect you with your favorite product in a jiffy. Magic Mann is where quality meets efficiency.


Photo By CeresMED

For medical patients looking for a medical cannabis dispensary, visit CeresMED at 2 Green Tree Drive. This shop is known for its friendly staff that’s eager to help you leave with exactly what you came for.

They’re also happy to answer any questions about which product best suits your specific needs. Empathetic and knowledgeable, the staff is the highlight of shopping at CeresMD, and their vast product selection will have you coming back for more.

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