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Guides | 11.19.2021

The 20 Best Marijuana Dispensaries In Los Angeles

A huge part of finding great cannabis is finding the right dispensary to buy it in. In LA, and in California in general, there is no such thing as a shortage of good dispensaries. This is the list that proves it.

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A huge part of finding great cannabis is finding the right dispensary for it. In LA, and in California in general, there is no such thing as a shortage of good dispensaries. 

A good thing, of course. But also one that can make things a little confusing.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to do a round-up of what we consider to be the best dispensaries in Los Angeles. So if you live in the LA area and are starting to feel the need for some top-notch weed, this list will sort things out for you.


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Photo courtesy of Stiiizy

Stiiizy is an innovative, award-winning, California-based cannabis brand. It was created in 2017 as a pioneering vape company, and today it has evolved into so much more.

Stiiizy revolutionized the portable cannabis smoking industry with its first vaporizer and now plans to do the same with its dispensaries. Their physical locations in Downtown L.A. and six other locations across California aim to provide an immersive experience through top-shelf, lab-tested concentrate and cannabis of the highest potency and purity.

Born in 2018, their DTLA dispensary located at 728 E Commercial St, LA, features a wide selection of amenities and commodities that make the user have a completely different experience from the moment they come into the moment they spark when at home or out of the door. }

This 6,500 sq.ft. location is one of California’s largest dispensaries and the brand’s H.Q. in Los Angeles. Visit this amazing spot, and you may explore more than 55 California-based cannabis brands, exclusive artwork, and rotating capsules that local and well-known artists design.

Sweet Flower

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Here we have California’s leading cannabis retailer. Known as one of the longest-serving legal dispensaries in L.A., this premium cannabis flower dispensary first began as a medical collective that slowly evolved into a business that can reach so many more people in need of cannabis. Sweet Flower has operated since 2006, but only began expanding throughout California since 2018 when recreational cannabis was legalized. Today you’ll be able to find a Sweet Flower location on Melrose, the Downtown Los Angeles Art District, Studio City, Westwood, and soon-to-open locations in Culver City and Pasadena. 


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Grassdoor is an online cannabis delivery service that works with the most renowned cannabis brands and ensures your order gets to you within 40 minutes or less…  Just like pizza. Grassdoor delivers to your doorstep throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. More than your typical dispensary, Grassdoor is something like ‘the Uber of Cannabis’. The company claims to 100% guarantee the quality compliance and thorough testing of every cartridge and concentrate brands on their menu. Grassdoor is open 365 days a year from 10am to 9:30pm.

Dr. Greenthumb

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Before being a dispensary Dr. Greenthumb was only but a song by Cypress Hill, a Hip Hop group co-founded by the now leader of Dr. Greenthumb Dispensary, B-Real. The dispensary chain currently has locations in Downtown LA, Eureka, San Fran, Sacramento, Sylmar, and a consumption lounge in Cathedral City since 2018. On top of being a solid dispensary, Dr. Greenthumb has also partnered with several brands and launched innovative products that could change the way we smoke.

The Artist Tree

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The Artist Tree is much more than just a dispensary, it’s a provider of one-of-a-kind experiences. Each shop & lounge is designed as a unique location where cannabis learning, shopping, art, and getting high is all part of the deal. The idea behind the concept is to have their locations be a source of creative inspiration for people through a design that shows the synergy between the arts and cannabis by showcasing revolving exhibits from local artists and a variety of arts programming.

New Amsterdam Naturals

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New Amsterdam Naturals is situated in several locations throughout the LA area, including locations in Exposition Boulevard, DT Culver City, Beverly Hills, West LA, Cheviot Hills, and Venice. NAN offers recreational dispensary services like curbside pickup, preorders for pickups, and delivery to your doorstep within three miles of the store. The company has been around since 2006, a time that has been enough for them to pick up over 30 different industry awards. The dispensary carries top brands at affordable prices in a menu designed to satisfy the needs of both medical and recreational consumers.

Pineapple Express

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An online dispensary delivery service that offers legal, dependable, quality medicinal and recreational cannabis with an incredibly FAST service. Pineapple Express delivers anywhere, home, work, hotel, cafe, or other private locations free of charge with a minimum order requirement. Pineapple Express is open for discreet delivery seven days a week from 8:30am to 9:30pm and you can place your order through their website, via text, phone, or online live chat directly through their website.

The High Note

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The High Note is notorious for the secret bookshelf passageway that marks the entrance to their physical locations. The concept means to transport you into a place with decor inspired by the prohibition era. At The High Note, you’ll be able to purchase your cannabis from an experienced budtender that will guide you through your purchase and the dispensary’s extra-large selection of products.


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Sherbinskis is a premium flower brand originating from San Francisco, Sunset District. The brand gets its name from Mr. Sherbinski, a cannabis tastemaker, and curator of legendary genetics. Sherbinskis is known for providing a product that represents the plant and culture that surrounds it. Sherbinskis now is home to a series of showrooms in LA that will give you immediate access to prime-quality weed.

The Pottery

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The Pottery consider themselves a lot more than a simple storefront, and they act like it too. Every single product you’ll find on The Pottery’s shelves can be traced back to its origins and you may rest assured that the brand’s commitment to sustainability is serious. That is why every brand they partner with is carefully considered before offering it to their customers. The Pottery also has a trained team of passionate cannabis experts that are focused on helping you meet your needs and not just on making a sale. You also get the chance of joining The Pottery Club, where you’ll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend, you can then redeem these points for special discounts and member-only promos. The Pottery is located in Venice and opens from 9am to 9pm Monday through Saturday and 9am to 7pm on Sundays.

California Caregivers Alliance (CCA)

California Caregivers Alliance was first established in 2006 but has over 40 years of cannabis experience you can fall back on as a customer. CCA has very competitively priced products and probably the largest selection of products in the Los Angeles area. Their team is comprised of cannabis experts who can help even the most beginner of beginners coast through their first cannabis purchase. The coolest thing about CCA is that they have a quick delivery service that makes it even easier to get a hold of your favorite cannabis products conveniently and discreetly.


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WHTC was founded in 2007 under the idea of ending the stigma surrounding cannabis and advocating for safe access to the plant. Slowly but surely, the company has evolved into a dispensary that puts craft and quality cannabis first by only working with brands they believe in and trust. A trust founded on due diligence and first-hand sampling.

City Compassionate Caregivers (CCC)

First hopping onto the scene in 2006, CCC is a Downtown Los Angeles marijuana dispensary that puts quality customer service first while still offering one of the largest selections of premium cannabis products in DT LA in both medical and recreational branches. Their extensive menu also includes high-quality edibles, concentrates, vapes, and topicals (on top of flower) that their qualified budtenders can guide you through. 

Cornerstone Research Collective

Cornerstone claims to be the first evidence-based medical dispensary in the state of California. They opened their doors to the public in 2007 and since then have been a safe haven for cannabis consumer empowerment that provides everything you need in terms of product but also in terms of scientific research to back up your consumption. CRC offers a one-on-one personalized counseling approach to safely and carefully purchase cannabis derivatives. Because CRC interprets cannabis as personalized medicine, which would explain why personalized attention is necessary to help you make the right choice. Filling the void between what science is encountering and what the consumer is experiencing is a huge part of CRC’s mission.

Los Angeles Kush

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LA Kush is an unapologetically original craft cannabis brand with too many LA locations for us to name. Easy to come by and even easier to trust. LA Kush offers premium cannabis flower and apparel of every kind to go with it.

Green Goddess Collective

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GGC tailors your shopping experience to the point where your needs are met completely. GGC only sells products that they intimately know and besides making a sale, they intend to help you learn all you need to know about cannabis. One of the very first retail locations in LA and the country, The Green Goddess Collective believes in curating all their products to the point where they understand the product’s history from seed to launch. Which explains why most of the cannabis they carry is inherently local.


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If you’ve heard of the Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain, then you’ve probably heard of Cookies the brand. Jai and Berner began this craft cannabis brand in the early days of the San Francisco cannabis scene with the goal of creating authentic, innovative genetics. By controlling the experience from start to finish, Cookies ensures that you get an experience that can easily become a lifestyle. Cookies has locations all over the country and 5 different cannabis derivative brands that will blow your mind away.

From the Earth

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From the Earth pride themselves in personalizing each and every customer experience according to that customer’s unique needs. Each From the Earth store has different cannabis menus and they have a very efficient delivery service that you should definitely look into. They have three different locations in California that are ready to take your order.


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DELI offers quality cannabis products at incredibly affordable prices. The DELI name comes from their staff’s intentional effort to grant you a service that will keep you coming back. On top of a varied menu that will keep you engaged and feeling happy. At DELI you have four different ways to shop for cannabis; grab-and-go, delivery, curbside pickup, and take-away. In California, you may get your order delivered to the Southeast Los Angeles area.

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