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The 10 Best Places To Smoke Weed In Los Angeles

Quietness is important and even more so when you want to smoke your herbs. Cities can be overwhelming and that's why we'll show you 10 places in LA where you can find peace to spark up!

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No better place for recreational weed to be legal than the City of Flowers and Sunshine. Smoking outdoors in Los Angeles is entirely ok, no matter where. But today, we bring you a list of unique spots to make the best out of your smoking session outdoors.

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Our Favorite LA Smoke Spots

Cannabis Café

Photo courtesy of Cannabis Café

In the heart of West Hollywood, Cannabis Café is a classy shop, with stools facing the windows and bar and plants hovering over your head and through the walls.

Make sure to book a reservation before going to the cafe; it is super popular and always filled with people. I wouldn’t say that it is only because you can smoke weed inside… they also have a killer menu and set the tone just right for anyone looking for a good time.

If you are into the indoor experience, the next place on our list will also, very probably, fit your needs.

Griffith Observatory

Photo by superjoseph / Adobe Stock Photo

Another excellent, semi-indoor location for you to enjoy your cannabis trip while visiting a gorgeous location is the Griffith Observatory. Not only is it a spectacular place, but it also lets you see the rest of the city through outdoor telescopes, indoor planetarium shows, star parties, and panoramic views of all of Los Angeles.

All of this, added to your favorite strain of weed, will make for an unbelievable experience that you can repeat over and over again, always seeing and feeling something different, guaranteed.

And yet another complex that can give you the semi-indoor, semi-outdoor experience is the third spot on our list, Smorgasburg.


Photo courtesy of Smorgasburg

Located downtown, ROW DTLA is the most complex Los Angeles edition of the weekly Smorgasburg food festival. You may have heard of its original Brooklyn version – in LA, it still has all the fun stuff like food and drink vendors that introduce you to every flavor, but also includes rooftop yoga classes and, of course, your freedom to smoke.

At the same time, you stroll through this gorgeous Arts District campus and its pop-up gallery shows or boutique vendors all around.

Our final indoor spot to be high in is probably not a surprise:

The Broad

Photo by bennymarty / Adobe Stock Photo

This magnificent museum contains masterpieces not only inside but also fantastic architecture. As soon as you get there, you will be in absolute awe, even if not high. However, if you are high, enjoy the fantastic ride that the modern art pieces in each room will give you.

Next up are some of the best spots to enjoy your smoke entirely outdoors, starting by the OG weed capital of Los Angeles:

Venice Boardwalk

Photo by Dmitrii / Adobe Stock Photo

You can’t say you have done the cannabis tour without having been to Venice; it might even be your starting point when you get to Los Angeles since it is filled with smoke shops for you to build your stash.

Aside from that, you will also run into food vendors, street artists, and a beachfront pedestrian mall to visit, and although this is also a big attraction for your everyday tourist, I think it’s worth walking through the crowd to get the natural feel for the weed experience in LA.

Stoner Park And Recreation Center

Photo courtesy of LA Department of Parks & Recreation

I can’t deny I am a sucker for puns. I love this spot beyond its name, though. It has a crazy number of outstanding amenities for enjoying while high or in any state of mind. The recreation center includes a skate park, lots of picnic tables and barbecues, and my personal favorite: a pool with a slide.

El Matador Beach

Photo by Lux Blue / Adobe Stock Photo

Continuing with the outdoor spots, we’ve got Malibu, of course. In my opinion, the most beautiful beach is due to its rock formations, tall cliffs, and cave hideouts. You might want to be in one of those to light you’re joint since the beach is super windy but still amazing!!

Echo Park

Photo by Brian Weed / Adobe Stock Photo

This pubic park has a gorgeous lake, a true wonder in a city full of crowds and traffic. There are many things to do in Echo Park, mainly chill in the park and take long walks, but there are also exciting options like renting a paddleboat and splashing around!

It is my favorite place to lie down and think of absolutely nothing but taking a puff from my joint.

And if you are really into the water, there is yet another option!

Silver Lake Reservoir

Photo courtesy of Silver Lake Reservoir

The Silver Lake Reservoir is a paradisiac spot ideal for smoking freely while you walk alongside the lake through the neat and green paths surrounding it in what seems like an everlasting stride.

And finally, for incredible views without accessories or people around you, you must visit Hollywood Hills.

Hollywood Hills: Hollywood Bowl Overlook

Photo by Chris / Adobe Stock Photo

A classic amongst locals living in Los Angeles, Mulholland Drive takes you to the city’s prime spot. The scenic road overlooks the incredible Hollywood Bowl – nothing more surprising for a stoner to see while enjoying a decisive role.

The times I drove there, I must admit that I had a moment of feeling like I was the star of the tackiest romcom, in that scene where she smokes weed and sings to the stars. Ok, maybe that wouldn’t be the scene, but still, it felt nice.

Don’t miss out on any of these spots if you are visiting LA! And if you discover any others, make sure to share!

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June 01, 2021 — Last Updated August 30, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia
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