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Guides | 10.06.2021

Herb’s Guide To The Best Pre-Rolls In San Francisco

When finding your next pre-rolled San Francisco treat, look no further than these brands that are killing the game right now.

With such a wide variety of pre-rolls filling the counter space of our dispensaries, it’s important to know the difference between them and the brands that should be trusted more than others.

Here’s our list of top pre-rolls from trusted brands that you can find in the San Francisco area. 


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Photo courtesy of Circles

Circles was created for the social consumer. Their high-quality flower and vapes are meant for smoking circles at parties or other get-togethers, with their pre-rolls being the perfect smoking method for such occasions. Expand your Circle and pop out one of these pre-rolls at your next function to make some friends and keep the vibes alive. 

Circles’ wide range of strains and flavors includes many fan favorites like Durban Poison, Do Si Do, and Pink Lemonade, as well as some lesser known but delicious ones like Melonade, Mint Rose, and Orange Sunrise.

I was smitten by the intriguing hybrid Magic Melon that is a sweet, tasty flower that leaves you relaxed and worry-free.

Humboldt Farms

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Photo courtesy of Humboldt Farms

Take it from this Northern California staple area for cannabis, the sun-grown flower from Humboldt Farms is cultivated with love and compassion. Their mission is to promote community, health, and high-quality flower grown from the fertile soils of the famous Humboldt county. 

Whether you go with a single pre-roll or the convenient 4-pack, you’ll get a nifty little slide-to-open tin that is great for packing joints for future use. The reusable container that comes with a nature-centric design is a great accessory to add to your backpack or purse. When you purchase a 4-pack, you’ll notice that each joint contains 0.6 grams and is separated from the others by dividers inside the container.

Try the tasty Ice Cream Cake, a frosty indica that is great for sitting by the campfire, or my personal favorite, Orange Dreamsicle. This citrus, creamy strain is the perfect sativa for a day out on the lake or just hanging with friends at home.

SF Roots

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Photo courtesy of SF Roots

This local brand promotes the power of our favorite plant by advocating for legalization and providing the best quality flower to medicinal users under California’s prop 215 Compassionate Use Act, under which they were founded.

They were also one of the city’s forest Social Equity Companies, which were started by programs that allocate space in the cannabis industry to business owners who were directly impacted by the war on drugs.  

Get high for your city with this ultra-hip hybrid whose name says it all. Futurelic Funk Frozen Margarita is a floral masterpiece that tastes of citrus and pine. SF Roots knows what you want, and this intriguing pre-roll is also infused with hash to get you to the next level of the atmosphere.


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Photo courtesy of LEUNE

Surpassing what most expect from a cannabis brand, LEUNE is more of a lifestyle line. Pairing the love of weed with fashion and accessories, this Los Angeles based company also aims to educate, amplify, and achieve real change when it comes to social justice reform. 

By joining forces with top-tier manufacturers and cultivators, LEUNE is gaining a reputation for supplying excellent consumables with unique flavor profiles and style. 

Take a tour of the many strains LEUNE has to offer, my favorite being the Calibre Hash Infused pre-roll 2-pack that could be a match for some seasoned stoners out there with a higher tolerance than average.


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Photo courtesy of Foxy

This California cannabis company has gained notoriety for their holistic approach to the sacred plant we all love. Foxy promotes the social, creative, and human experience that surrounds cannabis. 

One way they are bringing awareness to social justice in regard to cannabis is their recent project with Eaze. This short documentary chronicles the weed entrepreneur Mickey Cesar, who become famous in the New York area and nationwide as the “Pope of Dope.” Delivery cannabis through a telephone-based service, Cesar was way ahead of his time and ultimately paid the price for it, eventually being put behind bars as a result of his passion for pot. 

Feast your eyes on the Jet Fuel pre-roll 4-pack, with each joint containing half a gram of this Gelato hybrid that smokes like a true hybrid, giving you an initial euphoric buzz that transforms to a chill, low-key mood. 


El Blunto

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Photo courtesy of Albert Einstone

This might be the closest you’ll feel to being a Cuban drug lord, so grab some of the finest cannabis cigars available from El Blunto. Using time-tested, traditional methods from master cigar rollers, this company is bred from the larger Albert Einstone’s cannabis company. 

Growing their premium flower in an indoor location in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, their small batches are often limited in quantity and sell out quickly. 

Each cigar contains 0.85 grams of flower and can be ordered in singles or their popular 4-pack. How about you take a trip on your Millenium Falcon with the Skywalker OG Hash Infused Blunt that will have you navigating the stars with no problems. 

Flow Kana

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Photo courtesy of Flow Kana

From one of California’s leading cannabis producers, Flow Kana’s pre-rolls are ready to be enjoyed, whenever you are. You can find a pre-roll that suits your mood, whether it be for chilling at home or partying with friends. They also carry infused pre-rolls, which are full of the THC goodness you need.

Remarkably smooth, these joints will have you breathing easy from the first puff. With a deep body high and a mild head effect, these pre-rolls offer a full-bodied experience you can enjoy on a lazy afternoon.


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Photo courtesy of LOUDPACK

LOUDPACK is a premium cannabis brand that respects the most discerning consumers. They measure the potency of their products with scientific precision, cleanliness with pharmaceutical standards, and taste with discerning expertise. With these products, there are no compromises.

LOUDPACK is changing the way people think about pre-rolls. They’ve reworked their packaging to provide more value at an affordable price, pairing it with premium flower that customers love. And now they’re bringing it to you in convenient 1-gram and 5-pack options.

Sundae School

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Photo courtesy of Sundae School

Made by Korean immigrants, Sundae School offers a classy approach to smoking with their line of pre-rolls. Constantly innovating, their cultivation techniques are energy-efficient and free of harmful chemicals. They are committed to honor the social equity farm partners who help them incorporate sustainable agricultural methods that minimize waste while conserving energy and water.

Sundae School offers an artisanal take on pre-rolls. The brand aims to bring a touch of elegance to the traditionally unglamorous cannabis industry.

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Balanced Los Angeles

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Photo courtesy of Balanced LA

While this brand was originally conceived on the east coast, they have brought their talents westward to share their luxurious product with the bay and other parts of California. While growing up in the streets of the Bronx, the founder of Balanced LA had an unexpected shock occur in his life when his mom was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. 

Not finding the reliable, quality cannabis they were seeking, he decided to start a company of his own. Whether you are a casual cannabis consumer or a patient looking for the best medicine to ease your symptoms, you can rest assured that quality and potency are top priorities here.

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