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Photo courtesy of Sundae School

Learn | 09.30.2021

Sundae School Pre-Rolls Review: What You Must Know

The creatively driven fashion and ganja company is bringing a unique, chic aesthetic to the cannabis industry.

Out of the piles of Bob Marley and neon pot leaf shirts emerges a cannabis brand that brings a stylish and modern twist for the new generation of stoners who crave a more subtle, artistic line of clothing options. 

Launched during the pandemic, Sundae School is primed for a takeoff that will ignite sparks of creativity into an already creative industry.

About Sundae School

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Photo courtesy of Sundae School

Two-thirds of the founders of Sundae School are Korean immigrants who moved to America for boarding school and cited marijuana as one of the connecting links between them and their peers. 

Later in life, the founders of Sundae School would find themselves smoking weed together on the weekends while away from their corporate jobs, dreaming of careers in fashion. The company initially began as a boutique smoke wear brand, with fashion being the primary focus. 

Creativity is the dominant value of Sundae School, whether it be in their cannabis cultivation or their other artistic endeavors. 

Sundae School’s flower isn’t the only green produced by the company, as their cultivation techniques are energy-efficient and free of harmful chemicals. Their social equity farm partners incorporate sustainable agricultural methods that minimize waste while conserving energy and water.  

These green values extend to the packaging of the products, like their signature tins and “Tiny but Mighty” joint mini bags that are both 100% recyclable and reusable, which isn’t very common in an industry where many companies claim to have environmental awareness and appreciation.

From Fashion To Flower

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Photo courtesy of Sundae School

As mentioned above, Sundae School started as a fashion brand, with cannabis serving as a friend along the journey. While working their respective corporate jobs, the founders would meet on the weekend to smoke and come up with off-the-wall, funky ideas about their fashion line. 

Eureka Pre Roll

The pre-roll that will have you screaming “Eureka!” is packaged in a sleek tin case that slides open to reveal your gram of premium sativa flower.

The fun doesn’t end there, as the pre-roll is glossed with distillate and dusted with top-tier kief that all combine to metaphorically slap you with a wave of blissful ease that is great for creative, social endeavors or just chilling out and enjoying the experience.

The Eureka bullets are another trendy option that comes in an adorable and reusable tin that’s the perfect size for solo joints, each containing 0.3 grams of their high THC, sativa dominant strain.

Ideal for quick smoke breaks in between meetings or errand-running, these little guys are quite the companion. 

Flavor & Effects

This strong sativa will get you ready for any work you have to do, and put a smile on your face while you do it. Other popular reported effects include: 

  • Energized
  • Worry-free
  • Uplifted
  • Creative

Nightcap Pre-Roll

Inda-couch is the correct descriptor of how this pre-roll will make you feel. When you were a child, you needed a bedtime story to send you off into a peaceful slumber, but now you crave that frosty indica that will knock you out and put your body at ease.

Containing 23% THC, this full-spectrum indica pre-roll combines premium hash with a single-strain whole flower to make you feel light as a feather and relaxed as a puppy during naptime. 

Sundae School also offers their bullets in this strain, with one tin containing eight joints with about 0.32 g of flower. The founders cite the annoyance of having leftover roaches to deal with later, which often taste terrible. 

Flavor & Effects

These slow-burning, tasty pre-rolls are great to share with friends during these COVID times, ensuring each person gets their fair share of the goods. This signature strain often provides the following effects: 

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Sleepy
  • Pain Relief

Report Card For Sundae School

Overall, this brand brings a fresh and stylish vibe to the cannabis industry, and its products are worth a try. The artistic focus in Sundae School’s marketing and business plan is very appealing to many cannabis customers out there.

The fashion line has many modern, funky designs that can’t be found at your local head shop or an outlet mall.

This combination of artistic ventures and compassionate cannabis cultivation is enough to spark the curiosity of many potential customers. 

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