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The Best Smoke Spots In San Diego

Gather some friends and hit these iconic San Diego smoking spots, enjoy a joint with some of the best views the city can offer.

 The sights and sounds of San Diego offer the perfect backdrop for idyllic cannabis activities. Whether you’re looking to sunbathe and stroll along the beachfront or take a hike up to the hills to take in the view, the city’s got you covered with some jaw-dropping destinations.

Gather up the crew, get some weed delivered, and make a weekend out of the best smoke spots in San Diego.

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Sunset Cliffs

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We’ll start with what we think is a quintessential SoCal experience: sunset watching at the beach. The beautiful canvas of the Pacific Ocean gets a stunning splash of orange as noon approaches, and this is one of the best vantage points to witness it.

At Sunset Cliffs, a stretch of ocean coast in Point Loma, you can experience much more than just the sunset, as these can be the most crowded times. Perhaps you can arrive earlier and wander The Cliffs, exploring the secret caves on the beach and taking in the myriads of rock formations along the hiking trails.

There are several hiking trails to the south of the main parking area, and we suggest taking one of those that look less traveled, as the main ones can get crowded and often lead to uninteresting hikes.

OUR RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: To compliment all this natural beauty, we recommend pairing it with a Circles Watermelon Sauce vape cart. Loading this bad boy into any standard vape battery will unleash a sativa sensation like that of dabbing on concentrate, a clear mind to take in the clean ocean air.

Trolley Barn Park

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For a more urban taste of San Diego’s stoner culture, we recommend dropping into Trolley Park. This quaint green spot is surrounded by shops and food options, making it an excellent setting for a picnic and perhaps some edibles.

Bask in the sunlight and people-watch in the grass or read a book under a tree while you experience the city going by.

Located in University Heights, just off Adams Avenue, this park grown on the site of an old streetcar depot has become a favorite of commuting stoners, artists, and university students, offering a stimulating environment for outdoor activities.

OUR RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Our choice product for this outing would have to be the Kanha Sativa Pineapple gummies. Its loud and fruity natural taste, its chill social vibe, and its discrete form-factor make it an ideal complement to the park’s ambiance.

Balboa Park

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This 1,200-acre park is home to some of San Diego’s best gardens, hiking trails, and overgrow. Take a puff as you explore the paths and get lost in the greenery; spend the day among the flowers.

Afterward, visit one of the many museums it hosts, including the Timken Museum of Art and The Natural History Museum. If you’re looking for a performance, you can also schedule a visit to one of the park’s theaters that host music, plays, and shows daily.

If you’re looking to relax, visit the Japanese Friendship Garden, a meticulously well-kept botanical landmark. There you can listen to the stream and watch the Koi fish swim as you navigate a mellow high.

OUR RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Here is where we step in to recommend a product to include in your Balboa Park visit, and our choice would be the Pacific Stone 805 Glue pre-rolls. These elegant joints come down smooth, and make a perfect complement for light socializing, music listening, and garden walking.

Coronado Ferry Landing

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This one offers one of the most iconic views of the San Diego skyline, so watch it in all its majesty at Coronado Ferry Landing and the surrounding coastline with a joint in hand and the moon above your head.

We thought that this might be a terrific spot for a date, so consider bringing a partner.

There’s plenty of dining options around, so grab a bite and some wine while you explore the site. Again, it can work great as a date. You can also catch the Ferry in for $4.75 for the complete experience.

OUR RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: For the number of people that frequent it and the spots you might get to light up, we think your best choice would be to go with a vape on this outing. Our recommendation would be Foxy’s Lemon Sherbert resin cart, a happy-go-lucky high that keeps you amazed and alert.

Cowles Mountain

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A little deeper into town, just west of San Carlos, lies Cowles Mountain, a rewarding hiking destination that leads to one of the best vantage points to stare at San Diego and its surroundings in all their glory.

Trek along with the desert scenery, taking a smoking break on the way, enjoying the warm weather, and bringing some water to endure a safe climb.

As you reach the summit, you’ll start to realize just how good of a lookout spot this is. Reportedly, on a clear day, you can see all the way to Mexico from there.

OUR RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: The trail gets quite busy on the weekends, so we would strongly advise you to visit during the week. We would also recommend a cart of Everyday’s Sundae Driver. It delivers a clear-headed euphoria behind a rush of dark berry fruit flavors, perfect as a treat to enjoy the view from the mountaintop.

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