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Strains Sense: 8 Sensational Strains To Try For A Chill Solo Sesh

Sharing a little cannabis can certainly be an excellent social activity, but for those who love toking up alone, here are the top ten strains for a solo sesh.

While sharing a little cannabis can certainly be an excellent social activity, sometimes there’s nothing better than sparking up your favorite strain for a little solo session.

Learning to smoke alone is something you’ll be forever grateful for since you’re not always gonna be able to smoke with others. Some strains are more energizing and sociable, yet others can be more introspective and may help you understand yourself in a different way.

For those who love or want to learn how to blaze up alone, here are the best strains to help you do that.

The Best Cannabis Strains To Smoke Alone

Delta-8 Godfather OG Pre-Roll by Botany Farms

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Created by mixing two acclaimed strains, OG Kush and Early Resin Berry, Botany Farms’ Delta-8 Godfather OG Pre-Roll is an excellent Indica for anyone looking for uplifted relaxation or to relieve stress and tension after a long day.

While most Delta-8 THC flower on the market is sprayed with distillate, Botany Farms infuses it to ensure an even, smooth, and flavorful smoking experience.

Being a high CBD strain (11.9%), this is also an excellent alternative for someone looking to calm their anxiety and reduce pain and inflammation.

The smell of Godfather OG is several-fold, with some notes reminiscent of pine, berry, and spice, thanks to its parents. You’ll taste these robust flavors in the smoke itself as well.

These pre-rolls will leave you with a sense of calm and relaxation that CBD and Delta-8 THC are known for. And if you love piney, fruity flavors, you’ll fall in love with this one.

Northern Lights By Binoid

An excellent choice for a solo session with some of this strain is the Delta 8 THC Northern Lights Vape Cartridge by Binoid.

With a few puffs, you’ll be able to ease your mind and relax. As your muscles loosen up and your mind travels to friendly places. However, you may end up in a deep sleep. 

This Binoid vape is infused with premium Delta 8, paired with Northern Lights terpenes for a combined and pleasant effect in a solo smoking session.

This Northern Lights Vape Cartridge will be the ideal ally in a night of relaxation and connection with oneself. It is excellent if you are looking to fall asleep and relax while forgetting about the world. This strain is flawless for its incredible taste and relaxing sensations. 



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Whitezilla is the child of the notorious strains Budzilla and Berry White.

An Indica dominant hybrid, this potent bud unleashes a strong, sweet, herbaceous aroma and has been known to induce euphoric body highs with a mild head buzz that can make you feel as if your brain is floating.

Don’t be surprised if you experience other calming effects, such as a mellow body tingle, a dreamy sensation, or a gentle cerebral high.

Whitezilla’s buds are dense and resinous, covered in trichomes and soft white hairs giving these flowers an almost pure white color.


Thicc is a heavy indica that features 29% THC.

This craft-made, hand-trimmed nug will make you insanely high, thus bringing on feelings of peace, love, and an overall sense of chill that are ideal for a late-afternoon smoke. If you want to get stoned fast, without putting in much effort, then this bud is for you.

This heavy indica has dense nugs and a gassy OG aroma that hints at your favorite-smelling garage. As the smoke envelopes your mind, you’ll be taken to faraway places only to awaken on your couch.

Shiva Skunk

Shiva Skunk is one of those strains that can help bring you back into a more present and meditative state of mind.

Thoughtful, introspective, and perhaps introverted, this strain is the perfect selection for those who want to spend some time winding down and sorting through their own mind.

This flower would be an excellent choice before a yoga session or a long walk. With THC levels between 15 and 20%, this indica flower provides a strong psychoactive experience.

Jean Guy

Sometimes, you just need to focus and get things done.

Jean Guy is a high-THC hybrid that promotes focus and makes for a perfect wake-n-bake bud. Though this flower is also a solid choice for social gatherings, it provides a cerebral experience that can be a little introverted.

Featuring up to 25% THC, the Jean Guy strain is recommended for experienced consumers. Pick up this creative flower before a day full of chores or moments when deadlines are tight, and creativity is needed.

Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle is one of the most famous indica strains around. This flower often features up to 20% THC, though it can be more potent when grown with expert care.

Sedative, creative, and deeply relaxing, this flower can slow down both your mind and body.

While Purple Urkle is excellent for those with body pain and muscle tension, this grape-scented flower often inspires a calm thoughtfulness that can help you decompress after a long day.

If you’re ready to sink into the sofa for some quality alone time, this strain can be a welcome companion.


Chernobyl is a potent hybrid that has been rapidly gaining in popularity.

Extremely potent, this flower can produce up to a whopping 30% THC. With levels like this, Chernobyl is best saved for experienced solo consumers.

Though technically a hybrid, this flower is often classified as a sativa. A high-energy flower, Chernobyl can be used in the morning for creative projects and lively activities like exercise.

While upbeat and happy, this strain also has an introverted side. Chernobyl is thoughtful and focused. This means that consumers can spend some quality time looking inward after a puff or two of this mind-melting flower.

Atomic Northern Lights

Atomic Northern Lights is a lovely selection for low-key social activities and solo ventures.

Many may find this strain great to share with a partner, thanks to its ability to inspire arousal. However, Atomic Northern Lights does inspire a mellow and thoughtful attitude that makes it a great choice for spending some quality time alone.

Considered an indica-dominant hybrid, Atomic Northern Lights can produce a gentle sleepiness that is perfect after a long day. Featuring up to 24% THC, Atomic Northern Lights is recommended for experienced consumers.

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