Jean Guy Weed; Jean Guy Cannabis Strain; Jean Guy Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Jean Guy Marijuana Strain

Born and bred in Canada, Jean Guy is a popular Sativa-dominant Hybrid with a lemony fresh aroma. Recommended for experienced consumers, this strain boasts up to 25% THC.

Jean Guy is known for its powerful pain-relieving effects, but thanks to its Sativa-dominance, this strain won’t leave you feeling drowsy. This combo makes it popular in the medical community, as well as with recreational cannabis consumers.


Jean Guy Experience

Jean Guy is rumored to be a Canadian offspring or phenotype of the Amsterdam classic, White Widow. White Widow is a powerhouse Hybrid known for its thick coat of glistening white crystals. This strain is a 60/40% Sativa strain that has inherited its parent’s propensity to produce THC. The highest tests of this bud have shown up to 25% THC from this bud, making this strain one psychoactive flower.

Recommended for experienced cannabis consumers, this strain provides an energetic high that is perfect a wake ‘n bake session. For novice marijuana consumers or those sensitive to THC, this strain can cause some dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety. Thoughtful and creative, Jean Guy is a strain that allows you to get things done with feelings of ease and pleasure.

Jean Guy’s effects are considered highly euphoric and cerebral. It’s not uncommon to experience some periods of introspection with this earthy, citrus bud.


Traits of Jean Guy and Jean Guy Seeds

This strain has a particular citrus scent that is far more sour than sweet. Marijuana consumers will notice that, plant to plant, Jean Grey can have slightly different aromas. One constant is the unmistakable fresh scent. These aromas are reflected in this strains flavor profile.

Cannabis consumers can expect lime and lemon flavors that linger sweetly on the palate, making for an altogether pleasant smoke. Marijuana consumers will be licking their lips when they see the thick layer of golden crystals. Dark green leaves are riddled with bright, almost glowing orange hairs. This is a strain with real shelf appeal.


Medical Benefits of Jean Guy

This is one of the more popular strains in the medical marijuana community today, perhaps because it offers potent pain-relief without typical sedative effects.

  • This strain is particularly popular among patients with fibromyalgia and cancer
  • Jean Guy is thought to provide pain relief without sedation, making this bud fairly popular among those looking for something energizing to get through the day
  • This strain is also popular among patients with mental health conditions, such as depression, chronic stress, and chronic fatigue

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