Atomic Northern Lights Cannabis Strain
strains | 11.26.2019

Atomic Northern Lights Strain

Touted by enthusiasts as the Viagra of Weed, Atomic Northern Lights is an Indica-dominant strain that produces a sensuous, mellow high

Hoping to spice up your love life? Atomic Northern Lights is your bud. You might want to duck for cover ’cause this strain is the bomb. This Indica-dominant Hybrid is relaxing and easygoing, helping you stay out of your head and enjoy all of the pleasures your partner has to offer. Those hoping to make the most out of a solo mission may even find a friend in this euphoric marijuana.

Atomic Northern Lights Experience

Atomic Northern Lights may be touted as the viagra of weed, but there are a few major differences. Unlike the popular blue pill, there’s not much risk of having an erection that lasts longer than four hours. Instead, this hybrid provides a laidback and mellow vibe that makes just about any situation more pleasurable, sex and eating included.

If you consume a little too much, however, you may find yourself more sleepy than frisky. When used in moderation, cannabis is thought to enhance the sexual experience. If consumed in excess, the opposite might happen. As an Indica-dominant marijuana, this strain will likely be just too darn sedative for sex in high doses.

Atomic Northern Lights is an extremely relaxing and happy hybrid, which makes it easy to get into a lighthearted and playful mood. The effects tend to come on slowly, creeping into your body and mind. Great for those seeking relief from muscle tension, Atomic Northern Lights helps loosen up limbs and eases both physical and mental stress. If it isn’t clear by now, this strain is great for getting it on. 

However, like all high-THC strains, this plant can come with some side effects. The plant can cause dizziness and paranoia in high doses. Yet, it is uplifting and euphoric in moderation. Stick to low doses and pick up this plant when you’re in need of a late afternoon delight.

Traits of Atomic Northern Lights

This Atomic strain is a flower with some history. An offspring of the more famous indica, Northern Lights, the Atomic version has a complex lineage that includes several rounds of backcrossing strains from at least a couple of different continents. The strain began as a three-time award-winning Sensi Seeds creation, but it ended up in the “laboratory” of the Canadian breeder, Doctor Atomic.

The overall result is a fairly potent flower that tends to produce between 14 and 24 percent THC and thick, vibrant flowers. Samples under 15 percent THC are recommended for novice consumers, while 24 percent may even be on the strong side for cannabis regulars. However, this weed is considered quite relaxing and produces a full-bodied high.

The smell of Atomic Northern Lights alone seems intoxicating. This flower has a pungent aroma with a deep, earthy base and topped with a sweet marijuana skunkiness. For those who enjoy social drinking, this sociable herb would pair nicely with a little of your favorite bourbon. This weed has a floral quality, which is perhaps provided by the presence of the terpene (aroma molecule) linalool. Linalool is also found in lavender and may be responsible for some of the calming effects in the herb.

Medical Benefits of Atomic Northern Lights

Having trouble in the bedroom? This plant may prove helpful. However, physical satisfaction isn’t the only benefit of this versatile plant.

  • This relaxing flower is beloved by medical cannabis patients for relief from pain and insomnia.
  • The herb is also popular among those with mental health conditions like depression, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety.
  • Those suffering from nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, and headaches may also appreciate this marijuana.

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