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Best 15 Weed Deliveries In San Francisco

Forget about shady dealers and sketchy websites. Here are all the ways you can get legal weed in the San Francisco area.

Whatever you are looking for, there is someone out there ready to bring weed to your door. So go ahead, leave that bra on the floor, take your pants off, and have your weed delivered. Just be sure to put your pants back on when you open the door. 

1. Hyperwolf

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Hyperwolf clinches the #1 spot on our list for a few reasons. For starters, since launching in 2014, they’ve been on a mission to redefine the standards of affordable craft cannabis delivery. 

With free delivery on orders $50 and up, AND one of the most impressive product selections nationwide, Hyperwolf makes the shopping experience effortless. Speaking of product selection, find game-changers like the Lemon Cherry Gelato 2 Gram Slam, an incredibly potent Indica strain with a whopping 31.82% THC!

Needless to say, connoisseurs will appreciate Hyperwolf’s impressive selection – but that’s not to say beginners won’t either. Simply put, Hyperwolf has something for everyone, and they encourage you to look within to ‘Find Your High.’ Order now and treat yourself to convenience.

2. Eaze

If you haven’t heard about Eaze, can you call yourself a stoner? Boasting the title as one of the best weed delivery services and having the widest range of delivery locations all around California, they can pretty much find you anywhere. 

Shop the dankest selection of vapes, concentrates, flowers, edibles and so much more. Eaze has been a trusted cannabis delivery service for over half a decade and continues to grow. Offering connections to some of the hottest names in the cannabis industry. Go ahead, check out their selections, don’t be shy!

3. Grassdoor

Grassdoor is a cannabis delivery service that curates an extensive lineup of top cannabis brands. All are made available to you at the click of a button and from the comfort of your own home. What sets them apart is their delivery time – delivering in under 45 minutes, ordering weed through Grassdoor is as breezy as placing a delivery order for pizza. makes them great is that they are the only ones that can deliver in under 45 minutes. Yeah, ordering weed through Grasdoor is as easy as ordering a pizza. 

Besides, if you need some help finding the right product for you, Grassdoor has a team of expert cannabis connoisseurs on stand-by between 10 am and

9:30 pm, literally waiting to help you out and get you the weed that does it for you. 

Hit up Grassdoor for a reliable and complete service with some of the best brands out there. For being a Herb reader, you get a 33% discount on your entire purchase

4. Amuse

It’s new, it’s here and it’s ready to deliver to your door. Amuse is a fresh new weed delivery service offering top-shelf marijuana topicals, oils, candies, pre-rolls, and other forms of cannabis consumption.

5. Cali Xpress

Photo courtesy of Cali Xpress

Friendly, smart, and fast, Cali Xpress is the Bay Area’s favorite way to buy weed online. Offering only the dankest flowers and pre-rolls, they got you covered and ready to get stoned. If you’re in the mood for some candy, they have that too. Plus, the option for free delivery sets the bar high. 

6. JAHnetics

Photo courtesy of Jahnetics

The Bay Area’s heart has been won over with this one. Exotic and exclusive ganja with the best deals imaginable. If you also happen to be in need of everything for a smoke session, don’t worry you can also order papers, a grinder, and all the other goodies to keep you medicated. JAHnetics has everything. 

7. Foggy Daze

Photo courtesy of Foggy Daze

Internally grown ganja for delivery? You don’t even have to wear pants. Foggy Daze delivery brings only the best locally grown weed right to your door. With 12 along the coast, there is no way you’ll ever get bored trying all of their fresh strains. 

8. Buzz Delivery

Aimed at connecting you to the best CBD and THC goodies while serving the growth of the cannabis community, Buzz Delivery is ready to cater to you. Best part, you can set an order for the future! Buy more weed before you even run out, they’ve got you covered. 

9. Caliva

Although the name is loud, their delivery is nice and quiet. Caliva is the peace of mind you have been looking for. The best medical and recreational marijuana vapes, flower, edible, and even topicals. Go ahead and pamper yourself.

10. Lifted SF

Servicing the good stoners of the Bay Area for over a decade. Lifted has been keeping its patients in the clouds. Grab some dope concentrates, edibles, and tinctures to pair nicely with their high-quality flower and even THC beverages.

11. WeedHub

Photo courtesy of WeedHub Twitter

You’ve heard of craft beer, but it’s better when it’s craft cannabis because this can get delivered! Let’s see beer do that. Weed Hub is a literal hub for weed that gets delivered to your door. Can’t make this stuff up. They offer some of the most competitive prices and the greatest quality weed. 

12. Farm Starz

Having a party? Find the best bulk deals and have them brought to you. Find all of your CBD needs and some promo THC goodies at Farm Starz. Only the stickiest icky from the best growers in Northern California. Catering to all of your bulk party or solo weekend vibes, either way, they got you. 

13. Proven

Photo courtesy of Proven

What’s better than getting fancy new vapes and some bomb flowers and pre-rolls while in your bathrobe? Can’t think of anything. As this has been Proven, pun intended, they truly have become the name for quality cannabis. 

14. Nice Guys Delivery

Photo courtesy of Nice Guys Delivery

No, mom, he is a nice guy. Look, he even brings weed. Family-owned with a wide variety of weed products, the Nice Guys delivery service is here to take care of you. Awesome weekly deals and great patient service, what more could you ask for? 

15. Purple Star

Photo courtesy of Purple Star

Offering in-store pickup and delivery, Purple Star focuses on bringing only the best-curated cannabis. Carefully cultivated flower, premium concentrates, sweetest cookies, whatever you are in the mood for, get it delivered or pick it up. Any way you choose, Purple Star is ready to care for you.

16. Ganjarunner

Photo courtesy of Ganjarunner

Though they don’t literally run weed to your door, with their stellar delivery time and reliable delivery drivers, you might be fooled into thinking Ganjarunner does just that. No minimum delivery so if you’re just in the mood for a bath time premium pre-roll, they understand and they’ll be right there for you. 


The kaleidoscope of cannabis culture in San Francisco is always turning, isn’t it? And if there’s anything more thrilling than discovering a hidden gem of a dispensary, it’s the magic of weed delivery right to your doorstep. But how does this process work? Is it even legal?

Here’s the lowdown. 

How does weed delivery work in San Francisco?

Eligibility: First and foremost, to order weed delivery in San Francisco, you must be at least 21 years old or have a medical marijuana card if you are between the ages of 18-20. 

Choose a Licensed Service: Always opt for a licensed delivery service – you can verify the legitimacy of a delivery service through the BCC’s online licensing system. 

Online Platforms and Apps: Many top-tier delivery services offer user-friendly websites or apps. Simply browse the menu, select your products, and purchase away. 

Delivery Windows: Depending on the service, you may be given a specific window for delivery. Some services are more prompt than others. Good things come to those who wait! 

Payment Methods: Most delivery services accept a range of payment methods, including cash, debit cards, and even digital payment apps. It’s always a good idea to check ahead of time for a smooth transaction.

Receiving Your Order: When your order arrives, you’ll typically need to show your ID to the delivery person to verify your age. Once confirmed, you’ll receive your products 

Safety and Privacy: Licensed weed delivery services are mandated to follow stringent safety and privacy guidelines. This means your information won’t be shared, and delivery vehicles are usually unmarked for discretion. 

Is weed delivery legal in California?

Yes, weed delivery is legal in California. The state passed Proposition 64 in 2016, which legalized the recreational use of cannabis for adults aged 21 and over. 

This proposition paved the way for a fully regulated commercial cannabis market, which includes delivery services. In January 2019, the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) affirmed that licensed cannabis deliveries are allowed throughout the state, even in municipalities that have banned cannabis businesses.

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