How To Buy Pre-Rolls Online

It’s not a surprise to anyone that cannabis can be found in a wide variety of presentations. Ranging from wrapped blunts, pre-rolled joints and spliffs, as well as other more innovative products like waxes and shatter. But the pre-roll will always be the first thing you try and the last thing you'll want to let go of. Here's everything you should know about pre-rolls.

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It’s not a surprise to anyone that cannabis can be found in a wide variety of presentations. Ranging from wrapped blunts, pre-rolled joints and spliffs, as well as other more innovative products like waxes and shatter.


Innovation is not a reason to abandon good old flower. Especially not when it’s the high-quality kind.

It’s fairly obvious that some cannabis consumers have begun to look for alternatives to smoking. But the reality is that smoking flower is and always will be a part of the stoner’s lifestyle. Regardless of how hard we try to steer away from it.

The reason for this is not any particularly negative one.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite:

Smoking flower in any way shape or form allows us to try different strains or brands quickly. If you’re not just a stoner, but a cannabis enthusiast, then you’ll agree that this is a great reason to keep smoking flower.

In pre-rolls, you’ll probably find the best format to try cannabis strains and brands quickly, efficiently, discretely, and on the cheap.

For example, Botany Farms provides an amazing pre-roll option made with Hawaiian Haze strain. But there’s a catch, a good one at that. They’ve set the bar for quality standards incredibly high when talking about options for cannabis lovers who don’t particularly enjoy being high. Whatever the reason is for it.

How? You’ll have to visit their website and look at how they’re able to accomplish this. They can probably tell you better than we can, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Best Pre-Rolls To Buy Online

CLSICS Rosin-Infused Pre-Rolls


Single 1.3 g Rosin Infused Pre Roll

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CLSICS is a premier California cannabis brand focused on producing state-of-the-art full spectrum rosin infused pre-rolls. Their products are handcrafted in San Diego by true connoisseurs using only five ingredients: ice, water, heat, pressure, and cannabis.

The CLSICS single rosin pre-roll is a 1.3 g joint hand-crafted with California-grown, strain-specific cannabis combined with premium solventless rosin specifically designed to enhance the flavor profile of the flower and to deliver a potent dose of euphoria.

Botany Farms Pineapple Haze Pre-Roll

Botany Farms pre-rolls are perfect for the medical user who wants the convenience of pre-rolled cones without the added expense. Their Pineapple Haze pre-roll is made with high-quality flower and creates a smooth smoking experience.

Each pack contains one hand-packed pre-roll. Nugs are pulled, measured, and placed in an individual folded cone with a filter. Botany Farms focuses on providing the highest standards in flower quality control to ensure you receive a premium pre-roll at an affordable price.

How To Pick A Pre-Roll

As with any other cannabis finished good, first is the brand. This is really an easy step in the process because of how economically accessible pre-rolls usually are. This gives you the option of trying new brands easily without having to make a large expense. Hop on to the brand’s official website and take a look at what they do, how they do it, and their quality promises.

With that in mind you can head onto the next step; choosing a strain. Make sure you’re buying a pre-roll featuring a strain that has the effects on the body that you’re searching for. Whether it’s helping with anxiety, pain, insomnia, or depression, the strain type will have lots if not all to do with it. Last thing you want to do is buy a strain for night time and take it before work, trust me…

That’s pretty much it really. Once you settle on what you want to buy just place an order. The advantage we have nowadays is that we don’t really need to be sitting in the living room of a dealer we don’t really want to see but must.

Why Pre-Rolls Instead of Flower?

I hate to sound like a broken record, but here’s what happens; if you already know a brand you trust and love, as well as a strain that ticks all the boxes for you, then yes, flower makes sense. But if you’re thinking about checking out new things, then pre-rolls are like a gift from heaven; cheap and convenient.

There’s nothing I hate more than buying 3 or 4 grams of a strain that I don’t end up digging as much. Not that I wouldn’t end up smoking it, but we would all rather spend that money on flower we’re already familiar with.

Types Of Pre-Rolls


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Singles are usually the best option if all you want to do is try something new. They usually come in standard sizes of 0.5g to 1g. The latter could or could not be called a “fatty”, depending where you stand on the use of the word.

Singles are also available in different sizes, some larger some smaller. A well-known larger version of a single pre-roll is Tommy Chong’s “Chonger”, a fat 3.5g pre-roll that will leave you feeling like, well, Tommy Chong.  


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Packs range in the number of joints or cigs included from brand to brand. Brands like Pure Beauty offer 10-packs of mini joints with only 0.35g of flower each, other brands like Space Coyote offer 5-packs with joints of 0.5g each.

The size per unit and number of units per pack will depend highly on who you buy from. Ultimately, a pre-roll pack is not really the best option if you’re financially conscious. But if your budget allows for it and you have a case of shaky rolling fingers, then packs are probably the best option for you.

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Written by Simón Cartagena
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