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Guides | 07.19.2022

Cannabis Sugar Vs. Crumble: What’s The Difference?

Breaking down the different features, traits, and uses of cannabis sugar and cannabis crumble.

It might sound like we’re ready to whip up a dessert.

You’ll have to take your munchies elsewhere because we’re discussing a kind of sugar and crumble that’s not as sweet as it sounds.

You might have heard of cannabis sugar or cannabis crumble, or both. These two substances are both concentrates from the cannabis plant, but present different physical features and uses.

If you’re looking for the full rundown on the differences between these two potent cannabis concentrates, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Cannabis Crumble?

You can spot the differences between crumble and sugar right off the bat.

For starters, a crumble is exactly what it sounds like, a thick, crumbly texture that’s dryer than most concentrates. It’s not as thick and runny as your usual budder or resin.

Without touching it, it almost resembles a sea sponge or gold sea moss. Their colors span from light yellow all the way to dark orange with amber hues.

In order to make cannabis crumble, extractors use a solvent like butane or CO2. However, crumble is made in a vacuum oven at lower temperatures but for longer periods than most concentrates. This way, it reduces excess moisture while minimizing the risk of mold.

The only downside with cannabis crumble is how its texture makes it difficult to use in a dab rig. That said, it’s an incredibly easy substance to add to your joints, top your bowls, or place inside an e-rig’s loading chamber.

What Is Cannabis Sugar?

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Now that we know what cannabis crumble is, you can probably guess the texture of cannabis sugar.

The closest thing we could compare it to is honey in its rawest form, with the crystals and everything. It’s a thick, dense, and mostly dark liquid that has a sugary consistency.

Similar to most other concentrates, sugar is also extracted by using a solvent like CO2, butane, or propane. Stoners adore using cannabis sugars because of how easy they are to use.

They’re often smoked through dab rigs, e-rigs, over joints and bowls, quite literally any smoking method.

Sugar Vs. Crumble

When it comes to these two cannabis concentrates, the main difference is their physical characteristics.

This means the thick, runny consistency of sugar might be better for dab rigs than the dry, crumbly feel of cannabis crumble, for example.

But how do you choose which one? That’s based on your preferred experience.

Both of these concentrates are incredibly potent and are worth the cash. But if you’re more of a traditional dabber, a sugar may be of interest over a crumble.

Regardless of your chosen concentrate, we can assure you that they’ll both do the job.

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