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Dopezilla Bong Review: Our Favorite Ones, Ranked

Here are five Dopezilla bongs you should check out.

Bongs are a stoner’s best friend! When it comes to smoking dry herb in a ‘’conventional’’ way, nothing comes close to the potency, cleanliness, and convenient way that a bong delivers a hit.

Whether you’ve tried bong rips before, or are a complete bong hero, you are gonna want to take a look at this Dopezilla glass review!

​What Is Dopezilla

Photo courtesy of Famous Brandz

The Dopezilla brand is well known for being tough and sporting dope bongs that are sweet-looking and perform like mythological creatures!

Their glass is scary-good and will allow you to harness the full power of fury and fire with every hit you take during your smoke session. 

Our Favorite Dopezilla Bongs


The Dopezilla Cerberus is handcrafted from the most delicate borosilicate glass, able to stand the test of time. It is delivered safely stored in its matching custom box, which is collectible.

It comes in two beautiful colors, black or green, accentuated in the bowl, base, mouthpiece, and custom monster logo, making this piece a true work of art. The clear straight ice pipe is easy to clean and maintain. 

The honeycomb percolators make for an incredibly smooth hit. It features a bullet hole ice notch for optimal filtration with an icy touch.

The Cerberus straight pipe features a 14.5 mm male weed bowl with a handle. The handle not only makes it easy to lift the bowl without the risk of burning your fingers but also serves as a stopper for the roller.

It’s an impressive piece that will be a great addition to your smoking sessions, taking it up a notch.


The Cyclops Straight Ice Bong is listed at $44.99, making it a great option to get one of the best pieces of glass out there for an affordable price. The bong has a 5 mm thickness, 45º joint angle, and 14.5 mm female joint. 

This bong is gorgeous and stuns the user with fantastic resilience and performance. This piece, and its 12-inch counterpart, are inspired by the mythological Cyclops and are made to please the most demanding users. It comes down to looking down the top of the bong to spot Cyclop’s eye, a cool feature.

This piece of art stands 8 inches tall and is made with borosilicate glass. The Cyclops features a sturdy and thick round base, which will make it tough to knock around or over, and a bullet-hole ice catcher mid-neck, which will prove helpful in cooling down your tokes.

This ice pinch is what looks like Cyclop’s eye from the top.

Lil Lizard

Take a look at this classic, beaker base bong that Dopezilla has designed for connoisseurs and weed enthusiasts alike. The Lil Lizard is a gorgeous, elegant, and classy water pipe that stands 10 inches proud and is made with boro glass. That means this dope bong is tough, sturdy, and durable!

The Lil Lizard is a well-designed and fabricated piece that comes in four color variations that will have you starstruck.

This piece comes with a male herb slider with a handle that is comfortable to use, but if you already have accessories or a rig, you can use them if they’re 14.5 mm compatible.

In my opinion, I would rather have the possibility of adding ice to my bong, and this bong does not have an ice-catch, but it still is gorgeous and performs like a star.


Dopezilla Chimera is made from thick borosilicate glass and features a sturdy tumbler-shaped base. This twelve-inch tall bong is constructed from thick and durable boro-glass, meaning it can withstand daily use very well and will last if properly cared for. 

The tall and slim design is impressive, with a bullet hole ice pinch that will allow you to drop in some ice cubes for a cool and smooth user experience, which helps mitigate the Chimera’s fiery hits. 

It’s easy to clean thanks to the removable herb bowl and removable diffused downstem. Its value is approximately $59.99 and comes in two beautiful colors, black and green.


This bong shares the name with the Cyclops Straight Ice Bong but is 4 inches taller, standing 12 inches tall and proud. Apart from the height difference, this bong is pretty much the same as the 8-inch model and will seem slimmer due to the added height. 

The Cyclops 12 Inch Straight Bong goes for $59.99 and is available in jade and black color accents, with a matching collector’s box. The reinforced joint angle sits at a comfortable distance from the bottom and is angled at 45 degrees. This will hold your slitted downstream diffuser that can have an added male herb slide with a handle.

The only downside I see to this bong is that the only percolation occurs in the diffused downstem, but aside from that, both the variations of the Cyclops bong are gorgeous!

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