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Learn | 12.27.2021

Dopezilla Kraken Dab Rig Review: Everything You Need To Know

The Kraken was spotted, and it's ready to help you sesh.

For those unaware, the Kraken is one of the most widely known mythical creatures. The legendary octopus lives in the depths of the sea and often terrorizes sailors off the coast of Norway and Greenland.

What’s equally as terrifying is Dopezilla’s new line of Kraken Dab Rigs; they get you so high so quickly that you won’t even see it coming. Although the rig is somewhat harmless, it’s ready to give you a high you’ll never forget.

So don’t say we didn’t warn you!

About Dopezilla

Photo courtesy of Famous Brandz

Dopezilla is a leading contender when it comes to conceptual glass. They assemble stong, girthy, and downright dope glass to give smokers the thrill they’re always looking for.

Dopezilla’s conceptual monsters and myths help enforce the fact that they make nothing but scary-good glass.

Dopezilla’s untamed beasts are ready to light your fire with every hit, and they encourage you to choose your fighter because they’ll be in it for the long haul.

Dopezilla is owned by Famous Brandz, a brand that strives to satisfy the smoker’s every need in one convenient shopping experience.


The design of Dopezilla’s Kraken Dab Rig is to the point; sleek, modern, and sturdy. This unique scientific glass oil rig comes in teal and black and has a solid breaker-shaped body with a gorgeous matrix percolator sitting in the base below the water.

The drum-shaped matrix percolator comes with angled slits in the glass to ensure the user gets the most water filtration possible.

The upright rig design features a bent neck for maximum comfort and holds a vertical inline downstem that’s pleasing to the eye.


The first thing you’ll notice about the Kraken Dab Rig is its thick and durable glass. The rig is constructed of high-quality borosilicate glass and comes with a 14.5 mm female joint, a fixed vertical inline downstem, and a 14.5 mm quartz banger.

The slitted percolator makes for maximum filtration, and there’s also no carb hole, so all the work is done for you. The beaker base gives it a sturdy and no-fall sit and will pull anyone’s eye with its colorful accents on the mouthpiece, bowl, and eerie monster logo.


Photo courtesy of Famous Brandz

When you think quality, think Dopezilla’s Kraken Dab Rig; not only is it made of 5 mm thick borosilicate glass that can stand the test of time, but its other cool features help you get the most of your sesh each time.

For example, the filtration system and slitted downstem holes ensure that you’re pulling flavorful and unhindered vapor.

This rig is 8 inches (20.3 cm) tall, so it’s not the biggest and easily portable. Not to mention the 14.5 mm quartz banger; a banger is an easier and most efficient way to hit dab rigs, and quartz is durable enough to withstand high temperatures, which makes it a perfect fit for mighty dab rigs like this.


There are countless pros when it comes to the Kraken Dab Rig. First, the premium borosilicate glass that’s made of the highest quality alongside the unique shape and stemless design.

The glass is also 5 mm thick, so it’s in it for the long haul if you’re willing to maintain it properly.

Next, the drum percolator makes for the smoothest hits you’ll ever experience, and the overall concept/design is truly like no other.


What negatives could we possibly say about such a high-quality glass? The only thing that comes to mind is that it’s 8 inches tall, so it is relatively small for the price you’re paying.

But, and a big old Kraken butt, it comes with a variety of detailed features and high-quality glass to make sure you’re getting the most out of what you paid for. Oh, and it’s horrifying.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a thrill during your next sesh, get your hands on Dopezilla’s Kraken Dag Rig. Although it’s not the largest, it’s of the highest quality and comes with several unique features you didn’t know you needed.

The visual aspects are nothing but pleasing and somewhat terrifying, and we hope you don’t summon the real Kraken when puffing on these rigs.

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