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Easy Vape Vaporizer Review: Pros, Cons & Best Features

Looking to buy a new desktop vaporizer? Check these bad boys out.

Vaporizers are essential for many stoners out there, and the market is packed with options, types, and styles of vaporizers. The fantastic thing is that each one is unique, and even some would consider them collectibles of sorts, and however you may view them, these are unique gadgets!

Easy Vape produces three variations of their desktop vaporizer, and honestly, all three look dope and are quite different from many other vaporizers out there. Take a look at this Easy Vape Vaporizer review we put together so you can decide on getting one for yourself. 

When we speak of the devices, we will generalize because although they have their differences, in reality, they are much alike. The best and the most well-built machine is the Easy Vape Digital V5, with the Deluxe following quite closely and the Easy Vape Digital trailing behind.

Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer

This vaporizer could be labeled as the typical, old-school, conventional vaporizer. However, it is digital, which means you may precisely adjust and view your temperature settings. You may select from silver, dark red, mustard, and black color options. 

The unit is housed in a minimalistic, box-styled casing that is made out of polycarbonate material, making it quite light and very durable.

Easy Vape Deluxe

This unit differs from both digital versions in that it has the most different exterior with added vents and improved looks and durability. The Deluxe model is also digital and actually has a bigger and improved LCD display that will be easier to read. The Easy Vape Deluxe also has a ceramic heating element and a fixed cover.

Easy Vape Digital V5

The best improvement, that is only available in the Digital V5 version, is that the LCD screen on this device will read the current temperature and the set temperature, making it way easier to use and be precise.

This unit comes in a variety of color options, like blue, gray, navy, black, and red. This unit also has a more polished and slightly different look and features additional vents to allow better draws.


The minimalist, modern, and simple design of this machine speak for itself! It is without a doubt a beauty, and the finishings are well-made, look durable and make for a great centerpiece in your living room.

This device is one of those that both functions well and looks impressive, making it a vaporizer fit for any collection.

The way this vaporizer delivers its vapor may not be so convenient when it comes to functional design. Some users prefer a balloon over the whip or wand, but this vaporizer only does the latter.

Apparently, it still needs a bit of an upgrade because the bowl sometimes spills some of the ground herbs in the chamber.


This digital vaporizer is quite simple and provides excellent user experiences at a modest price when compared with other higher-end vaporizers that are far more pricey and deliver the same results.

However, this piece of equipment cannot be judged solely on its price because although it may be on the more affordable end, it is definitely on the higher end of the quality spectrum. 


All three models are digital, thus offering adjustable temperatures for you to set the heat according to your needs. Now, the real difference is that the Digital V5 is the only unit that will show the precise reading of the current temperature. At the same time, both the Digital and the Deluxe models will only display the set temperature. 

Some users have expressed frustration with the device’s consistency and temperature adjustment ease. However, I believe it does the job for a beginner’s vaporizer, and at a reasonable price.

How To Use

The Easy Vape is pretty straightforward to use, although some users have had to turn their devices upside down to get better results. In reality, all you have to do is place your dry herb into a bit of chamber set on the end of the whip, which is inserted into the heater. 

Once you are ready, you turn on the device, set the unit to your desired temperature settings, and when the heat has reached your sweet spot, you’ll be good to start drawing your vapor. Doesn’t that sound simple ˋn easy?


  • This piece of tech is well designed and looks fantastic. I find the simplistic and modern design will look great for ages.
  • Ease of use, this unit is very user-friendly and perfect for beginners.
  • Quality of build and warranty: the Easy Vape has a five-year warranty, so if anything malfunctions or breaks because of a factory error, you can get it repaired or even replaced.
  • Different unit styles to choose from! Users may find their needs and want perfectly aligned.


  • Some users may find its simplicity basic or lacking aesthetic design.
  • The unit is not compatible with balloons.

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