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Our Full Review Of Elements Rice Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are a must-have in every stoner's stash. Here's our review of one of the most famous brands out there.

Elements Rice Rolling Papers can be used to roll joints or tobacco. It is ultra-thin and comes in a magnetic box that contains 25 packs with 50 leaves per pack.

In this review, we will highlight the features of this rolling paper and decide if it offers value for money.

Key Features

Photo courtesy of Elements Papers

These rolling papers come in a magnetic enclosure, which offers a protective barrier to prevent dirt and moisture from ruining the papers.

The Element 1.25 1 1/4 Size-pack also features an inbuilt rolling tray with a band to hold the form of the tray. You can set the tray on your lap or table to make it easier to roll. The pack also includes filter tips, which prevent resin and contaminants from entering your mouth.

This newest model includes a unique criss-cross imprint that ensures the cleanest burn possible.

Noteworthy Features

Elements Rice Rolling Papers contain no additives like flax or regular pulp. They are made with 100 percent pure rice and are compacted into ultra-slow-burning, thin sheets to give you a memorable smoking experience.

Nothing is more aggravating than paper falling apart when you’re puffing. Fortunately, these rolling papers don’t do this. The Acacia gum binds effectively and holds up during the entire process – until your last hit.

Unlike some smoking paper brands,  Elements Rice Rolling Paper leaves do not come with any folds. Instead, every leaf comes straight and you can fold them easily based on your rolling technique.

Each rolling paper is about the size of a credit card so you can choose to make a big, small, or medium-sized joint.

How To Use Elements Rolling Papers, Filter Tips & A Rolling Tray

Photo courtesy of Elements Papers

The Elements 1.25 1 1/4 size pack can be used as a rolling tray if you are rolling on the go. Put it on your lap and prepare your buds.

Pick up one rolling paper, and one filter tip (the perforations in the filter tip make it easy to roll around)

Drop the filter tip at one end of the rolling rice paper and spread the stash evenly across the paper. Now, roll the joint and use the filter to guide the size of the joint.

Massage the joint gently to form it in the paper loosely. Lick the gum to activate it and seal the paper to hold the joint together. Use a packing tool to stick the product in and close the ends.

And voila! You have a perfectly rolled joint.

User Experience

Photo courtesy of Elements Papers

With the Elements Rice Paper, you get to enjoy the taste of your weed to the fullest because rice paper is odorless and tasteless. It does not leave the taste of burning paper in your mouth, which is a plus for many who do not like the taste of paper.

Also, the paper burns slowly.

These rice papers don’t produce much ash as it burns up. It also feels easy to handle and doesn’t slip easily, essential when passing the joint around.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, Elements Rice Rolling Papers is an excellent product. Although it tends to go off frequently, we like the fact that it burns slowly. Also, you get to savor the flavor of your weed since the paper is tasteless.

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