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Guides | 12.22.2021

GRAV Conical Pocket Bubbler Review: What You Need To Know

Whether it's the beach, a park, or pretty much anywhere, this pocketable bubbler from GRAV is a must-have for your sunny smoke sesh.

I have always been very interested in hand pipes, especially those with some artistry, and even more so when they are made of glass. Glass spoon pipes are a piece of art themselves.

Today we will be talking about GRAV Labs’ Conical Pocket Bubbler, made entirely from thick and resistant borosilicate glass.

It is not necessarily a masterpiece compared to other forms of glass bubblers or glass pipes that we have seen out there, since it does not have any color or symbols but the brand, GRAV, printed on the long straw sidecar mouthpiece.

Still, it certainly has style and, most importantly, an ergonomic design.

Is GRAV Labs Conical Pocket Bubbler A Good Choice?

When it comes to water pipes, bubblers are, in my opinion, a great alternative since they can hit you like a dry line would, with the benefits and softness that you would get from a bong and without having to carry an actual bong around with you.

But, of course, you know what I mean if you have tried one before… What also makes it pretty comfortable is that despite having a carb, the bowl is not removable from the bubbler device as a whole.

This makes it more steady and unnecessary to have as many pieces involved. Hence you do not have as many risks of breaking or losing them. 

All You Need To Know About The GRAV Labs Conical Pocket Bubbler

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Photo courtesy of GRAV

This piece has an ideal size to carry around and is also super flexible in its use: its 10 mm female joint can fit a flower bowl, a quartz banger, and even a joint or a blunt rolled neatly to hold the size of the pipe.

By the way, if you purchase it directly from GRAV, it includes the 10 mm male cup quartz bowl, matching the bubbler’s slick design, and all for a very accessible price, just 40 bucks for the whole thing. 

Disclaimer: you might find different prices for the Conical Pocket Bubbler if you look in other sites online or at a headshop near you.

As you may have deduced from its name, the Conical Pocket Bubbler is shaped like a cone, which gives it a lovely feel and comfort to the hand while holding, even though the Spherical Pocket Bubbler can be more comfortable to put down on the table.

Nonetheless, that is probably not something you plan to do while you’re smoking or dabbing, so it is a matter of preference.

I rather have comfort while I am using it than while it’s sitting there waiting for me to grab it again, so I choose conical for sure, but maybe it has to do with me giving it a more personal use than a social one.

Wrapping Up!

Its cone shape also makes it easier to load since it needs less water than a spheric bubbler to create the same effect. The straw is long enough for the hit to be friendly and fresh, and the entire thing is only 4 inches long and 3 inches tall, making it easily transportable and concealable.

In conclusion, I would say that nothing should hold you back from buying GRAV’s Bubbler. Be it design, reviews, price, and usability, everything says ‘yes.’ You don’t have to be a pro when it comes to weed to choose this pipe.

So make the decision and take full advantage of its variety of options and significant versatility when it comes to enjoying and savoring your new concentrates or dry herb!

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