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Herb’s Guide To Buying Quality Disposable Pens

Read this before your next purchase.

Even in places where cannabis is legal, many people still stay away from the strong scent that emanates from smoking a joint or a pipe.

It can be unpleasant and stay in clothes for longer than desired, plus the flavors aren’t to everyone’s tastes.

This is why vaping devices have become such a sensation in recent years to regular smokers and those who consume cannabis and its derivates. 

They have numerous benefits juxtaposed to traditional cigarettes, starting from the pleasant and varied flavors to the vapor they emanate that is milder on your lungs than smoke.

Disposable ones are also simpler: use, finish and throw away (safely, of course).

What Is A Disposable?

Disposables are pretty self-explanatory devices; they are vaping machines that are single-use. Some can be rechargeable, but they aren’t meant to last as much as refillable vapes.

Disposables have a certain amount of puffs and inhalations you can give them before the battery runs out and you throw them away.

We warn against putting them in with the rest of your trash since the batteries and other chemical and plastic elements are not good for the environment. 

They are easier and cheaper to buy than refillable vaping pens, and whether you’re looking for regular nicotine ones or some that have CBD or THC, they can also give a more discreet smell.

They have specific flavorings that also mitigate the herbal touches that cannabis has when smoking the flower directly, so if that is another annoyance to you, then they’re a great choice. 

They’re also easier to use in public spaces, as well as traveling; of course, you have to check each corresponding regulation if you’re going places where cannabis-derived products aren’t legal yet. 

How Does A Disposable Work?

Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

The key to disposable vaping devices is that they don’t produce “smoke” per se, making them more accessible for daily use in some shared spaces, such as offices, restaurants, and malls.

They heat the distillate of either nicotine or THC/CBD, mixed with the flavoring of choice, and let out vapor instead. This kills the nocive side effects second-hand smoke produces, from the scent that stays in fabrics to the harm it causes to other people’s lungs.

However, although vapes are sold as a healthier choice to make than cigarettes, they still have a high concentration of nicotine that will impact the users’ health. 

One of the better aspects of cannabis-infused disposable and reusable vapes is that they retain the desired cannabinoids without added chemicals that can wreck your respiratory health.

This isn’t to say that they shouldn’t be consumed responsibly, but they are an alternative to those seeking a more discreet cannabis consumption method. 

How To Buy A Quality Disposable

Know How Many Hits It Has

This is for your benefit, so you know they’ll last what they’re worth. We mentioned that disposable cartridges are cheaper than refillable e-cigarettes, so price over quality is easy to be persuaded.

Just know that the shorter the hits, the less they can last, and the cost of buying a new disposable every week or so (depending on the strength of your inhalations as well) can rack up pretty fast. 

Research The Brand

Remember that a conscious buy is always better, so do your due research for trying brands that work with cannabis products.

Since it’s a market that still has some gray areas when it comes to safety, make sure the brand you’re looking into does all the necessary testing and has the proper certifications that guarantee high-quality ingredients. Safety is a given with reliable brands like Eureka that make lab-testing a well-known priority.

Another example es the list of reputable brands that you can find at, the website to find everything you would need from the vast world of cannabis products. Everything on this website is safe and high-quality.

Make Sure They Have Your Favorite Strain

This can be for more experienced users, but we still invite you to read about the different strains of cannabinoids that exist and see which ones fit you’re needs and desires.

They have different effects and flavors, so if you know you want a vape for relaxation or one that will boost your mood, see which strain will do the job.

Test It Before

This might be tricky but think about it as a test drive before buying a car.

If someone else recommends you a disposable vaping device they’ve used, maybe take a couple of puffs from theirs before investing in your own.

You can buy one you’d like to try and see if it tastes nice if it affects you how it says it will, and then you can be more confident in your next purchase.

Best Disposable Vapes

Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

If you don’t know where to start, you can look at Eureka’s Distillate Disposables. These 500 mg pens are available in Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains, as well as strain-specific terpenes (the flavoring).

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These bad boys are pretty strong with an almost 90% potency THC, so bear that you might only need a few puffs if you want to stay with the best part of the high and not end up with a bad experience.

Unlike other vapes, theirs are made with lab-tested ceramic hardware and heavy-metal-free tech.

Eureka promises that their innovative extraction processes make stronger cannabis oils that are pesticide and solvent-free and aren’t reduced with mixing agents like MCT, PG, VG, or Vitamin E acetate.

They have assured quality control with their third-part lab testing, so their products are clear and won’t put your health at any unnecessary risk.

Koi Delta 8 THC Disposable Vapes

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Another incredible disposable collection comes from the Koi catalog. Koi is the brand you are looking for when you want a hemp vape with high-quality ingredients and the safety of third-party lab tests so that you can enjoy your favorite strain carefreely.

These are Delta 8 THC disposables that hold 0.5 g, which is just perfect for a quick sesh to have on the go. Choose from the terpenes profiles of classic strains like OG Kush, Lemon Haze, Sunset Gelato, Super Sour Zkittles, and Tropicana Cookies.

There you have Sativa, Indica and hybrid strains to live a new experience every time you vape a Koi disposable.

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