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Herb’s Guide To The Best Concentrates In Colorado

We found the best dabs in the Centennial State.

Colorado has at least one decade of experience making amazing concentrates. There is a proliferation of brands and products selling concentrates in Colorado.

That is due to the thriving industry of cannabis that has been so welcomed in this state. Then, talking about the best concentrates in Colorado is like naming the players of the dream team of cannabis.

Here you will find concentrates that will make you feel like you haven’t really had a concentrate until now. All these products come from reputable brands that have third-party laboratories testing what they do. Thus, you know what you are buying and that it is not harmful to your health.

Eureka Vapor Distillate Syringe

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We start this list with giant steps. Eureka is a premium cannabis brand that has taken over Colorado and California. Their products are always stylish, clean, and crazy delightful. And, their vapor distillate syringe is not the exception. 

This concentrate is 1000 mg of the most memorable moments using cannabis. It has from 80% to 90% levels of THC and more than 90% of total cannabinoids. So, it is potent enough to send you on a trip to Mars and back without leaving your couch.

You can choose from sativa, indica, or hybrids so that the concentrate fits your needs. Plus, the glass syringe not only keeps your concentrate clean but is also so beautiful that you will want to show it off while using it.

Viola Live Resin

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Viola is probably the brand with the largest catalog of live resin concentrates in the market. By giving a look at their products, you know that your perfect live resin is waiting for you in there.

The guys at Viola have the mission of showing people the benefit that cannabis has for them. And, to do so, give users the best quality and cleanest live resin concentrate possible.

Also, when trying live resin you expect to sense all the intensity and complexity of its terpenes. Thus, it is an excellent way of enjoying your favorite strain in another level of purity. Thus, with around 172 different live resin products in their catalog in Colorado, you will find any strain you could need at Viola.

But don’t get overwhelmed by that number. You can filter their catalog to search for the one that suits you best. For instance, Viola concentrates are great for medical and recreational purposes. So that you can filter the list of concentrates in their website depending on the use.

710 Labs Rosin

When thinking of concentrates, you expect them to be the pure essence of cannabis. You don’t expect any other substance than that smelly and sticky treasure. Thus, you would love your concentrate to be solventless. Most concentrates need a solvent in their making to extract the resin from the material plant, but live rosin concentrates don’t.

All the products in this list don’t have solvents in their final result, but you might feel more comfortable using a concentrate that doesn’t need a solvent to be created. And, that is what 710 Labs Rosin is offering you. Their catalog of solventless concentrates includes sauce, water hash, rosin, and rosin sap.

But, you don’t have to limit yourself to solventless concentrates. 710 Labs Rosin also has solvent concentrates so that you can choose from a wide range of forms. You will discover new ways of using concentrates trying the different forms in their list.

Nomad Extracts Live Resin

Nomad Extracts has been in the business since 2009. And they have shown their experience with the quality of the flowers they use to make their live resin concentrates. The flowers are the soul of the concentrates. After all, strains determine the potency, effects, and terpenes you get from using them.

Thus, the growth and selection of the strains are determinants for the quality of the final result. And, these guys have already earned awards for their strains, so you can have an idea of how good their products are. That is how you know that Nomad Extracts Live Resin will make it into your top favorite list of concentrates.

Olio Live Resin

The Olio Live Resin focuses on the flavor of the concentrates. They achieve this by ensuring the optimal conditions of flowers to produce their resin at its maximum. Then, they use N-Butane to make their concentrate. This solvent treats the terpenes and cannabinoids gently. In consequence, the extract is as closest to nature as possible.

The final result of Olivo Live Resin is two forms of concentrates. You can choose from dry sugar and wet sugar. The first one is a sure ticket to a psychedelic adventure, and the fuel is pure THC. This kind of sugar only has between 5% and 10% of terpenes concentration. Thus, it is the choice for users who seek a potent high.

On the other side, wet sugar features a terpenes content of around 40%. Thus, flavor and aroma have the main role in this concentrate. The downside is that the smoke is harsher than when using dry sugar. But, the terpenes enhance the effects of cannabinoids. Thus, the high is more complex and manageable, while your senses enjoy the taste of your favorite strain.

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