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How to Grow 90 Grams of Cannabis in Three Months with Seedo

Getting a high yield from indoor plants is no easy task. Fortunately, there's now a machine that does the work for you. Here's how to cultivate 90 grams of cannabis in three months.
Automated Grow Box with Seedo

Photo courtesy of Seedo

There’s nothing quite as disheartening as low yield. Growing high-quality cannabis takes time, skill, and the right equipment. Fortunately, if you’re tired of failing and wasting money, we’ve got some good news for you. Whether you’re a new grower or a skilled hobbyist, here’s how to grow 90 grams of cannabis in three months with Seedo, the home growing device.

Choose the Right Environment

Automated Grow Box with Seedo

Photo courtesy of Seedo

Happy plants produce high yields. When trying to manage everything yourself, it’s easy to make mistakes that hinder your overall yield. The best way to avoid such mistakes is to invest in an automated grow system. 

Automated systems offer a controlled growing environment for your plant, which makes your yield and time to harvest more reliable than ever before. One of the best automatic grow boxes on the market is Seedo. 

You can use Seedo to start seeds or clones. An app-integrated hydroponic system, tracks, and changes the lighting and cultivation conditions as your plant matures, supporting your plants through to harvest.

I’m very impressed with the results of the Seedo device,” writes Ryan B. a Seedo customer in the U.S. “It’s taken away all the frustrations of previous grows and left me with only the steps that I’ve enjoyed which include trimming, training, pruning, etc.

The Seedo App gives you essential advice throughout the growth process. It will tell you, for example, when the pH of your hydroponic solution is off-balance, or when more mineral solution is needed. It also features built-in fans and climate control, as well as carbon filters to ensure a smell-proof experience.

Choose the Right Plant

Automated Grow Box with Seedo

Photo courtesy of Seedo

Excellent cannabis starts with great genetics. To reap the benefits of a bountiful harvest, choosing the right plants from the start is essential. Some varieties of cannabis are better suited for rapid, indoor growth than others.

Selecting just any ol’ strain won’t do. If your goal is to grow 90 grams of cannabis or more, a little research is required. Some cultivars, like many landrace sativa flowers, produce wispy flowers, and it can take a considerable amount of time to get a good yield.

Set yourself up for success by starting with high-yield cultivars from the beginning. Take some time to research seeds before you purchase, or take a few minutes to chat with a budtender or a cultivation professional when buying clones. If heavy harvests are what you’re after, it’s worth it to wait to buy the right plants. 

Prune Wisely

Automated Grow Box with Seedo

Photo courtesy of Seedo

In conventional cannabis cultivation, pruning is a crucial step toward a high yield. Pruning encourages the plant to devote energy to developing robust blossoms, rather than unwanted leaves. Figuring out what to prune and when, however, can be difficult.

That’s what Seedo has set out to fix. With Seedo, there’s no hassle, the app will notify you when to trim. The Seedo App walks growers through what needs to be done, so you don’t need to worry about making a mistake. Here’s how the pruning process is improved with Seedo:

No Low Branches

Seedo reduces low branches. In traditional growing, low branches don’t have enough access to light. As a result, the cannabis plant will spend energy growing these branches toward the light. The more energy a plant dedicates to lower branches, the less will be available to support large top flowers. 

For an optimal harvest, the Seedo system trains plants using screen growing techniques to ensure optimal light distribution. In the end, your plants will feature a strong top canopy with plenty of sizable flowers. Plus, the Seedo App will tell you when to prune. No guessing needed.

No Low Buds

Like low branches, low buds do not receive enough light to support full, robust growth. In conventional growing, it is best practice to prune away any low flowers that don’t have quality access to light. 

Seedo keeps this pruning to a minimum. Their automated grow box uses screen training techniques to give flowers optimum access to light. So, expect less pruning and larger top colas when growing with Seedo. 

Few Aging Leaves

Just like exfoliating your skin or trimming your hair, dead cannabis leaves should be removed from the plant to encourage healthy growth. The conventional wisdom is to prune any foliage that shows signs of stress, coloration, or disease. 

Dead or diseased foliage not only stresses the plant but risks contaminating other parts. The Seedo system reduces these risks. When following the step-by-step instructions with the Seedo App, aging leaves are kept to a minimum.


Choose the Right Nutrients

Bountiful plants are spoiled plants. And yet, for many growers, deciding when to add nutrients can be tricky. Adding too many nutrients can cause a nutrient burn. Adding too few nutrients will hinder your plant’s growth and decrease your yield.

With Seedo, the right nutrients come with the growing kit. So, there’s no guesswork involved. It’s often hard to tell what your plant wants, that’s why using an automated system like Seedo is recommended—there’s no need to fret over getting things right. 

Seedo does it for you.

Get Support

Automated Grow Box with Seedo

Photo courtesy of Seedo

What if you could have a team of experts just a phone call away at all times? Support throughout the setup and growth process is one of the major advantages of using an automated system like Seedo.

App-integration and internal HD Video Monitoring give the Seedo team a first-hand glimpse into your grow box. So, if there’s a problem, a Seedo technician can instantly check in on your plants and make adjustments as requested. 

Seedo Tech support is awesome,” says Amber H. “They called quick and fixed the setup from their side. They can see everything through the machine, they even fixed the pH levels!” 

If you’re after high yields, it’s hard to beat the benefits of on-demand help.

September 17, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox

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September 17, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox

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