How To Make A Grinder Quick And Cheap

If you’re in a bind and don’t have a grinder, or you don’t want to spend $50 on one, these quick and cheap methods show you how to make a grinder at home.

how to make a grinder

Grinders are a necessity of any weed smoker. Sure some people will tell you that grinders are overrated, but they probably just wish they had one. The only problem with grinders is, if you want a good one you are going spend at least $50.

If you don’t have the extra money lying around, or if you really don’t think grinders are a good investment, we show you how to make a grinder quickly and cheaply at home.


make grinder ground weed How To Make A Grinder Quick And Cheap

Grinding your weed is a great method if you are trying to conserve marijuana. By grinding up the buds you are increasing surface area, and making it so that you can take small pinches of herb instead of big nugs.

Not to mention the fact that grinders eliminate a lot of the handwork—no more sticky fingers or hand cramps while trying to prepare your herbal intake.

If you don’t have a grinder with you, but you need to chop your stuff follow these steps.

How to make a grinder – what you need:

make grinder bottle coin nug How To Make A Grinder Quick And Cheap

  • An empty pill bottle
  • A nickel
  • Weed

Once you have gathered your supplies, put the weed and the nickel in the pill bottle, cap it, and shake it like a Polaroid picture.

The Results

Open the pill bottle and you should have some nicely ground up weed. Of course, this method will not be as effective as using a real grinder, but in a jam, it will do. We recommend that you try to use some weed that is on the dry side, as the nickel will not do a good job bouncing off damp nugs.

make grinder bottle How To Make A Grinder Quick And Cheap
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Unfortunately, this method does not do a good job of collecting the potent kief that falls from the buds. Traditional grinders will often have a separate chamber that allows the kief to fall through and collect for later use. Sure the pill bottle will collect everything that you leave behind, but extracting it from the bottom will be a chore.

Shot Glass

make grinder shot How To Make A Grinder Quick And Cheap
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Another way you can assemble a makeshift grinder is with a shot glass and some scissors. Simply put your weed in the shot glass and then scissor it up. This is probably the most common method for college students that find themselves “grinderless”, but trust me, you don’t need to be in a dorm to use this method.

These methods of creating makeshift grinders at home will always work in a jam, but try to get your hands on the real thing. The $50 investment will pay for itself by saving you time, weed, sticky fingers, and headaches.

If you really cannot justify the purchase of a top end grinder, there are some cheapies available on Amazon for under $15. These grinders will work for all of 1 week and chances are you will find small metal flakes in the weed.

If you don’t want to wind up grinderless, check out the Aerospaced 4-piece grinder available at the Herb Shop.

How do you grind your weed? Let us know on social media.

December 06, 2015 — Last Updated December 03, 2019
Written by Lane Tr

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December 06, 2015 — Last Updated December 03, 2019
Written by Lane Tr

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