How to Make a Grinder

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Guides | 06.08.2022

In a Pinch? Here’s How to Make a Grinder That’s Cheap and Quick

Here’s how to make a grinder out of common household items.

Why use a grinder? For starters, self-respect. Mostly, it’s more practical than prying your cannabis apart with your fingers. It’ll save you time and frustration. Grinders also create more evenly ground cannabis flower, which will translate into a more evenly rolled joint, or a more efficient bong or pipe hit. If you want to learn more about the benefits of using a grinder, read this.

Want to buy a grinder? Check out this guide with the best weed grinders on the market.

While grinders can be found at your local head shop and in many convenience stores for as cheap as $5, not everyone has the resources to purchase their own grinder. In this case, your best bet is to find a cannabis-chopping alternative. Most people in their very households have a series of effective cannabis grinding tools at their disposal without even knowing it—remember scissors?

Not all methods are as intuitive as using scissors. And even if you have scissors, you may not know the optimal scissor snipping technique. That’s why we’ve provided this list. So that nobody, nobody, has to resort to picking apart their cannabis with their fingertips like ignorant swine.

Cheese Grater

Photography by Jonathan Coward for Herb

Ever grated cheese? If so, you’re ahead of the game. Grinding cannabis using a cheese grater is not only effective, but the technique has been co-opted by businesses that produce what are effectively mini, credit card shaped cheese graters, but are marketed specifically to cannabis users.

The steps are simple:

  1. Pick up your cheese grater
  2. Grab a nug of cannabis flower, and pretend it’s cheese you want to grate

That’s right—just run your nug of cannabis over the cheese grater like you would a block of parmesan cheese over a steaming plate of gnocchi. This will result in a finely ground cannabis flower. Just be careful not to hurt your fingertips. The effectiveness of this technique will depend on the size of your nug, and how dry it is.

Blender or Coffee Grinder

Blender or Coffee Grinder for weed

Photography by Jonathan Coward/Herb

This may be your best option if you are without a grinder. If you haven’t noticed, your blender and coffee grinder are good at grinding. You may be wondering “Why not weed?” To which I respond,  “Exactly.”

Make sure you thoroughly clean out your blender or coffee grinder before trying to use them to chop up your cannabis. Otherwise, you may end up smoking coffee grounds or the remnants of whatever you made in your blender last. After your blender or coffee grinder is washed, thoroughly dry it. If you forget about this step, you will end up with a mess of sticky, wet, cannabis flakes caked onto the inside of your coffee grinder or blender.

After your coffee grinder or blender is thoroughly washed and dried, simply toss your cannabis flower in and let it rip. You’ll only need to grind or blend your cannabis for a few seconds. Blend your cannabis for too long and it will turn into a dust-like consistency, which is not optimal for rolling joints, and will easily fall through the hole of your bowl piece. So, after just a few seconds, check to see if the consistency of your cannabis flower is how you like it. If it’s still too chunky, continue to grind/blend it. If it’s a good consistency, take it out and smoke it!

Scissors (Proper Technique)

Scissors (Proper Technique)as a grinder

Photography by Jonathan Coward/Herb

This is the way that many cannabis consumers begin their journey into the world of cannabis chopping and smoking. You may hear people shouting things at your from across the table like “Yo, pass the snips!” Don’t fret—they’re trying to communicate with you. What they really mean is “Could you pass the scissors?” If you hear somebody refer to scissors as “snips,” pass them the scissors gently. Do not thrust them violently into your friend as you may feel compelled to do after hearing scissors referred to as “snips.”


  1. Pick up a nug of cannabis flower with your forefinger and thumb and hold it in front of you.
  2. With your other hand, stick the open blades of the scissors in between your thumb and forefinger so that the top and bottom blades of the scissors are positioned to cut the nug in your fingertips in half.
  3. Snip the scissors through the cannabis, while applying slight pressure with your thumb and forefinger, so that after you cut through the nug, you’re still holding the cannabis between your fingers.
  4. Open the blades up again, and keep snipping through the cannabis nug, while applying slight pressure with the thumb and forefinger of your opposite hand, shifting the nug around slightly each time. Pieces of cannabis will start to fall down from your fingers and onto the table.
  5. Once there’s barely any nug left in-between your fingers to chop, drop any remaining cannabis in your fingers. Then, press down on the bits of cannabis flower on the table with your forefinger so that the little bits stick to your finger. Use this technique to collect the most amount of cannabis bits as you can with your forefinger, then press your thumb and forefinger together once more, and continue chopping it up as you were doing when it was still in nug form.
  6. Repeat this process until the cannabis is finely chopped.

Pill Bottle and a Dime

Pill Bottle and a Dime: how to make a grinder

Photography by Jonathan Coward/Herb

Some people like to exclaim “You can actually grind cannabis with a pill bottle and dime if you want!” These are often the same people that refer to scissors as “snips.” I can assure you, you do not “want.”

It’s true: you can grind cannabis by putting a nug in a pill bottle, putting a dime in after it, putting the lid on, then violently shaking the bottle. The dime will bounce around in the pill bottle, crashing against your cannabis nug, breaking off little pieces of flower until it’s been chopped up.

The thing is, if your cannabis flower is dry enough for this technique to work, it’s almost certainly dry enough to crumble it up effortlessly with the thumb and forefinger of one hand. *Note: this is NOT the same as prying apart a fresh nug with both hands over the course of five grueling minutes, and will be excused.

how to make a grinder

Photography by Jonathan Coward/Herb

DIY Grinder Or The Best Grinder?

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If you are trying to find an alternative to a grinder, there are tons of different “life hacks” that will get the job done. With all the information you can find online, it is impossible not to find tools in your house that can do the job of a grinder. The thing about these methods is that maybe you are saving a lot of money, or they can help you in moments where you don’t have access to a real grinder, but in the end, there is no other method that can do that job as well as the original tool.

Fortunately, there are a lot of grinder options on the market. You can find them in all sizes, different materials, and even with extra features. With 2 dollars, you can easily get one, so making yourself a grinder at the end does not make a lot of sense. Maybe for specific scenarios where there is no place to buy one, the last option would be some of the tricks, but there is no excuse for not having a grinder. You have to be a responsible stoner!

If you decide that making yourself a grinder is too much work, you must find the perfect one for you. For those who understand the importance of a grinder and are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on it, here is the perfect option.

HØJ is an English company that designs and produces some of the most amazing weed gadgets that can be found on the market. We are talking about top-quality products made from premium materials that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but their internal design has a specific purpose of expanding the smoking experience.

One of their best products is the KLIP, a grinder that just puts the bar way too high for all the other options on the market. It not only has a beautiful design, but this grinder was also carefully designed to take grinding to another level. Actually, what this grinder does is slice the material instead of using the grinding method. Slicing the flower creates a much fluffier consistency that will give you a much better smoking experience.

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