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How To Make Perfect Cannabutter In 4 Easy Steps

Since the MagicalButter® Botanical Extractor™ burst onto the scene in 2012, the art of cooking with cannabis has never been the same.
how to make cannabutter

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Since the MagicalButter® Botanical Extractor™ burst onto the scene in 2012, the art of cooking with cannabis has never been the same. The machine automates the conversion of cannabis to edible form with microprocessor-controlled ease and precision. Consistently perfect cannabutter for making edibles or “medibles” (foods containing medical cannabis) is now available to anyone—at a minimum of effort.

First things first

how to make cannabutter decarboxylate

Before proceeding, it’s extremely important to decarboxylate your bud sample with heat, in order to create THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) from its precursor, known as the “acid” form. (This process happens automatically during the smoking of cannabis; unless you plan to roll and fire up your burrito, you’ll want to read on.) Don’t skip this vital process, or you will be setting yourself up for a depressing surprise; even your highest-quality cannabis contains essentially ZERO THC until you decarb it. Why find out the hard way? That’s already been done for you.

Decarboxylation is easy: Just bake your sample at 250°F/120°C for ½ to 1 hour. This will both activate your cannabis and give it a roasted, nutty taste.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear

easy cannabutter recipe

While your herbs are being activated is a good time to clarify your butter. Clarified butter is also called drawn butter. It’s important to use drawn or clarified butter for your weed recipes because hard, cold butter sticks can never go into the MagicalButter machine. Also, removing the watery whey and milk solids from melted butter yields a richer extract with improved consistency and flavor.

Simply melt your hard butter in a saucepan over low heat until it divides into three layers: a large layer of clarified golden butterfat sandwiched between two thin layers of white milkfat. Then, skim off and discard the foamy top layer, and slowly decant the yellow layer into a container, taking care to leave behind the water and whey in the bottom. That yellow butterfat is clarified butter, the starting point for making MagicalButter. The end product will turn to a healthy green tint, owing to the chlorophyll in the plant.

Any kind of unsalted butter you like is acceptable, though fancy Irish butter usually leads to a better infusion: Better butter has less water content, yielding more infusible butterfat.

Now for the easy part

Here’s the amazingly simple, 4-step cannabutter recipe in a nutshell:

  1. While herb is decarboxylating in oven, clarify butter (described above).
  2. Place the ingredients inside your MagicalButter machine, and secure the head.
  3. Press the Temperature button, and select 160°F/71°C; then press the 2 Hours/Butter button.
  4. Strain your cannabutter (see below).

The MagicalButter machine will cook, chop, grind, stir, and steep your infusion, automatically extracting the important phytonutrients and healthy herbal richness from cannabis into your butter—with digital accuracy that is consistently reproducible from batch to batch.

Strain with no strain

easy cannabutter

When the cycle is complete, the Botanical Extractor™ beeps to alert you that your extract is ready. Simply pour the cannabutter into the reusable nylon PurifyFilter™ bag, holding it over your container while wearing the silicone LoveGlove™ to keep your hand safe from the hot contents of the machine.

Congratulations! You are now set to introduce the health-enhancing “zest” of cannabis to almost any recipe! Sauces, side dishes, weed brownies…the sky’s not even the limit. Experiment!

Check out this super brief video below to see how to create infused cannabutter in the Botanical Extractor™ with ridiculous ease. And that’s not all the magic you can make in a MagicalButter machine. Check out these 10 Things You Never Thought to Make With Cannabis!

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August 06, 2019 — Last Updated October 13, 2020
Written by Herb
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August 06, 2019 — Last Updated October 13, 2020
Written by Herb

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