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Jetty Extracts Review: Our Favorite Products

With all the shady extraction methods nowadays, cannabis users flock to trusted brands that supply clean, high-quality products. That's what has made Jetty one of the best selling brands in the cannabis industry.

Jetty Extracts, founded by surfers from San Diego with a love of Cannabis, surfing, and aiding the ill, has been on the market’s radar for a while. 2013 So Cal were the early days of extracts, and they were ready to pounce on the growing trend and give to the community while they were at it.

They’re renowned for their portability and convenience, as well as the innovative oil-extracting system that leads to 100% pure Cannabis extract, placed in easy-to-use, pre-filled cartridges. Available in a variety of strains, from sleepy Indicas to energizing Sativas and everything in between, they’ve managed to precisely embody any feeling you’re chasing. 

Luckily for you – Jetty Extracts is at the click of a button on Eaze. Learn more about the company’s journey and find your perfect match down below.

About Jetty Extracts

Photo courtesy of Jetty Extracts

The process Jetty Extracts use to extract the oil is part of a growing trend in the Cannabis community: it’s called “Supercritical Fluid Extraction” (but we’ll just say SFE to remember).

What’s so different about it? It uses CO2 instead of solvents to obtain the oil. This means that there’s a guarantee no additives are in your product! The method is good for the oil’s quality and ensures that the potential dangers of solvent-based extractions are kept at bay.

Plus, it passes the highly-praised bar for quality vapeable weed and is double-tested before leaving the lab, ensuring excellence through and through. They focus on preserving the natural flavors and variety from the Cannabis terpenes, making it a good experience even for the seasoned user.

Another novel and intelligent move to make their products appealing are by adding back the terpenes that are sometimes lost in extraction. They provide extra perks, from being medically beneficial to comply with the natural flavor brought across.

Best Jetty Extracts Products

Photo courtesy of Jetty Extracts

Eaze has a whole bunch of Jetty Extracts products available on their website, making for a pretty easy ordering process for those curious to indulge in them.

From resin carts to vapes and pods, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy the trip.

Here are some of our favorites:

Jetty’s Unrefined Live Resin Carts

Cartridges are a staple favorite when it comes to quick and on-the-go consumption. It’s no surprise that Jetty saw the opportunity and took it, providing one of the highest-quality and yummy carts money can buy with 100% live resin that’s uncut and never mixed with distillate.

Using a tedious cryoextraction process, they preserve terpenes and cannabinoids to give you that fresh flower taste. 

Cannalope Haze

Is a classic from the Jetty farm, being one of the first to be produced. Sourced from 100% live resin, it’s meant to uplift and energize, with a lingering tropical flavor

3 Bears Kush

Jetty Extracts also carries 3 Bears Kush, a perfect balance between a relaxing experience and a brain-massaging high. Every drop of the cartridge is minimally processed, giving you more for your buck.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is the favorite strain of many, with the sweet dessert flavor accompanied by a high THC content. Jetty Extracts provides the crowd-pleaser in a live-resin cartridge, making for easy tripping.

Jetty Extracts Solventless Vape

Solventless Banana Creme

A one-of-a-kind hybrid between the beloved Blue Dream x Banana OG x Ocean Beach OG, Jetty Extracts Solventless Banana Creme is a pre-filled cartridge that’s a one-way ride to relaxation town.

With an herby, banana flavor and made from live rosin that’s meticulously extracted using the bare forces of nature, it’s purified for maximum potency (and maximum enjoyment).

Jetty PAX Era Pods

If you’re looking for something that does a little more than your classic vape pen, PAX Era pods are designed to be used with the PAX Era device from Jetty, with a futuristic twists that allows you to control it from an app and an included pod system. 

Maui Wowie

It’s no surprise that Maui Wowie is Jetty’s top-selling strain of all time. Energizing and fun-inducing, this tropical, citrus-centered and tangy pod is one to throw an impromptu picnic on the beach.

Lava Cake

Lava Cake pods are sure to get your body back in its element, relaxing and leaving a nice buzz behind. The Indica-dominant strain is sweet and fruity, great for the munchies or a creative session with your buds.

Sky OG

The spiciness of Sky OG goes to show that the Indica-heavy hybrid can pack a punch. It might have you leaning way back into your couch, even as your mind explores

Jetty Small Batch Concentrates

Less is more when it comes to Jetty’s concentrates: small batches are made from premium fresh frozen cannabis, which leads to a broad terpene experience that’s exclusive to every use.

Quantities of badder, sauce, sugar, and diamonds are limited, but always ready to go.

3 Bears Kush Live Badder

The 3 Bears Kush Live Badder uses heat and pressure to form the naturally occurring crystalline structures in THCa, leaving behind an amber crystal that brings the heat and the fun with flavorful terpenes.

3 Bears Kush Live Sugar

Another way to enjoy the 3 Bears strain is with Jetty’s Kush Live Sugar, similar to badder but whipped to perfection.

Jetty Live Resin Pre-Rolls

For those who love the usefulness of a great pre-rolled joint, Jetty has you covered. 

Motorbreath Flower x 3 Bears Kush Pre-Roll

The Motorbreath Flower x 3 Bears Kush pre-roll is grown at the Jetty farm,  a potent indica-heavy joint that fits in just right with a relaxing afternoon to let the stress fade away.

It’s cryo-frozen right after its harvest, delivering a 100% whole-plant, natural, and full-spectrum strain profile. Less is more with the specially grown, exclusive batches of premium cannabis.

Jetty Dablicator Oil Applicator

Legendary Punch

This cannabis applicator is convenient, on the go, and unmatched in its versatility. It’s no wonder they call it the Swiss Army Knife of weed multi-tools!

It allows the consumer to dispense distillate onto anything their mind desires, empowering the user to take back power when it comes to their consumption.

Jetty’s Reserve Cart Collection

For the true connoisseurs of cannabis, Jetty Reserve concentrates on the art and craft of rare and exclusive concentrates, conveniently staked in a pre-filled cartridge which makes for a luxurious experience with ease.

Jetty THCv

This high THC-V oil is unlike any other cart experience. From an award-winning family of strains, the high concentration of this ultra-rare cannabinoid is sought after by weed-lovers for the unique experience it provides.

Jetty Delta 8

Anyone who’s ever gone on a journey for Delta 8, knows how hard it is to come by. Made by a complex conversion process, the strain is renowned for its one-of-a-kind effects. It’s a long-lasting high that penetrates the entire body, with no questions left behind on why it’s so special.

Jetty’s More Than Commerce

There are a lot of good things to say about Jetty, starting with the high-quality products they consistently deliver. However, they also make their mark in the community.

Through their Shelter Project initiative, Jetty Extracts provides cancer patients with resources that provide them clean and safe medicinal cannabis at no cost, backed by the community itself: donations, volunteers, and a percentage of Jetty’s revenue.

Going above and beyond just commerce, consumers can be sure that part of their purchase goes towards a great cause.

What’s The Verdict?

Jetty Extracts makes sure that their passion shows through their products: innovation, creativity, health, purity, and dedication are clear indicators of a company that wants to get it right.

Their brand shows off the best side of the cannabis community, with a product list long enough to entice anyone who wants to try and trust something new.

American craftsmanship is on display throughout Jetty’s THC-infused products. Although they carry a high price tag, the reward is reaped with high potency, high-quality concentrate, and a natural flavor you can trust.

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