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Link Building And Guest Posting Strategies For Cannabis Businesses

Off-Page SEO: Link building and guest posting are two fundamental elements.

Link building and guest posting are used to generate links to a cannabis website to increase its authority in search engines and attract organic visits.

A fundamental part of any cannabis marketing strategy must include good SEO. For this, you must consider search engine restrictions for cannabis and the best way to grow organically, which can consist of different activities, such as link building and guest posting.

Below we will explain in a simple way what these two concepts consist of and how they can be applied in a cannabis-focused SEO strategy.

To better understand these off-page SEO tools, you should know what off-page SEO is. Basically, it consists of getting users to visit your website by showing your authority and knowledge in other ways. For example, if you add information on social networks to encourage users to visit your website, this is an off-page SEO strategy. If you post information or data on cannabis forums or appear on a podcast talking about your cannabis brand, you are doing SEO off-page.

There are many ways to implement an off-page SEO strategy, two of the most common are link-building and guest blogging.

What Is Link-Building

Link-building is a marketing strategy to get inbound links to the web, also known as backlinks.

Successful backlinks should appear as natural anchor text; highlighted by an underline and a different text color. This tells users that clicking on that anchor text will take them to other content.

But this sounds simpler than it is because to be of value, link-building must appear absolutely natural, unprovoked, trying to avoid very systematic behaviors. They must integrate so well with the content of your cannabis page, that users feel it as something natural and seamless.

It is also important that those backlinks are on websites with high domain authority. In other words, a website that is highly trusted by users, industry experts, and even other websites. Better one backlink from a valuable website than hundreds of backlinks from sites not well qualified by Google.

To have a good link-building system it is better to get links embedded within a blog article from another authority site, don’t buy links or make exchanges, these are black hat SEO strategies, which could end up lowering your page ranking or remove you completely from the ranking index. As for keywords, you have to vary them, update them, and know your target audience very well.

In general, the entire link-building strategy must be constantly updated, as the search engine algorithm is constantly changing and you must keep up with it.

The link-building strategy and also the page to which they are directed (your own content, internal links, meta-tags, etc.) must be very well designed and thought out with SEO in mind.

What Is Guest Posting

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Guest posting is another marketing tool that can be applied to cannabis businesses.

Guest posting arises naturally as a way to attract readers from other pages, seeking to extend the influence to other audiences, usually with a similar public. In this way, a cannabis company is not limited to being present not only in its own blog or site but also in related pages that have to do with its sector -aka other pages related to cannabis-.

This strategy is very useful as it can be complemented with link-building while nurturing your website with valuable content, but care must be taken so that it does not end up becoming spam. If you don’t have anything of value to publish, it is better not to do it just for the sake of it.

It is key to maintain a balance between link-building and guest posting, providing only quality content that can be of interest not only to search engines but also to the readers.

Blogging on other sites that complement your industry or niche allows you to attract the interest of more users; a new audience that may have never heard of your product or service; this is expanding organically.

How They Are Used For Cannabis Businesses

All cannabis companies that want to grow their online presence should consider these cannabis marketing tools.

Both getting quality backlinks and guest posting can nurture the off-page SEO strategy, resulting in an integrated and targeted cannabis marketing strategy.

Backlinks from high-quality websites and careful guest posting will help improve cannabis website SEO and generate more traffic.

Building backlinks takes time and so does the results of the whole cannabis marketing strategy.

Here are some aspects you should consider when it comes to backlinks for cannabis brands:

  • The domain of the website you are linking to
  • The keywords of that website
  • The Page Rank of the linking website.

If you want to build cannabis backlinks and avoid being penalized by Google, you must be very careful how you earn your links or build them.

In general, there are three main areas of focus when it comes to building backlinks:

  • Optimize internal link structure
  • Use high-quality external links in posts
  • Obtaining backlinks through paid and unpaid methods

Now, to make a quality guest posting the first thing is to make responsible research on who are authorities and recognized people in the field of cannabis, focus your attention on those who have a link with your target audience, segment them, approach them and propose to generate quality content together.

The same applies if you are going to do guest posting on another site or page, take care of where you want your cannabis brand to appear and what it will be related to.

Keep in mind that it’s all about quality content, so focus on quality over quantity. Don’t try to fill yourself with meaningless backlinks or guest posting with any person, take care of the quality of your cannabis marketing strategy in general and you will get results of equal or better quality.

Advantages Of Using These Techniques

The main advantage of these marketing tools for a cannabis brand is that it gives a lot of visibility, as well as improve organic growth and reach.

That’s right, these tools expand the reach of your content. If you create articles for other websites, you will reach a larger audience and you will be able to generate backlinks from there. That is, you bring your content to a new audience that can like it and will have access to your page, which helps your overall SEO strategy.

It also increases the likelihood of gaining followers and reaching more people with a potential interest in what you offer, and as it comes from high-authority websites, it gives added value.

Consequently, you can receive a high domain score from search engines. Providing expert, authoritative and reliable content on other highly trusted websites in the cannabis sector improves your search engine rankings.

Overall, by implementing these tools you are improving your cannabis marketing strategy in general, which can mean better results in the medium and long term.

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