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The Dos And Don’ts Of Marketing Your Weed Brand

Never run into a problem promoting your weed brand with these dos and don'ts.

Marketing your cannabis brand without a marketing team can be stressful. You must stay compliant with local laws and community guidelines/restrictions of various social media platforms.

Staying compliant isn’t all you have to worry about, though. With so many cannabis brands on the market, making yours stand out is key. People like different, so being different is in your best interest.

But how can you be different and compliant without crossing community guidelines and remaining authentic and unique? See the dos and don’ts of marketing your weed brand below.

Do: Know The Laws

As mentioned above, the most important thing about successfully marketing your cannabis brand is knowing the local laws in which you operate.

Some states outright banned the promotion of cannabis altogether, while others are much more lenient. In order to stay in the legal clear and not have your pages taken down, understanding the local laws is vital.

Don't: Cross Community Guidelines

That brings us to our next point. You must thoroughly read and understand any social media platform’s community guidelines and restrictions if you plan to use their platform to promote your weed brand. Twitter is by far the best social media platform for cannabis promotion, as it’s not as strict as other platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

If you plan to use Instagram and Facebook, you must never advertise the sale of your products, touch on price points, or post visuals of someone using your products. Since those are vital aspects of marketing any brand in any industry, you might be thinking about how you can get your brand’s point across without crossing community guidelines. See below.

Do: Make Yourself Stand Out From The Competition

As we touched on earlier, being different is great. With so many cannabis brands in North America, you need to remain completely and utterly authentic while offering unique products, packaging, and experiences.

That starts with choosing a name for your brand that reflects what you’re about while still catching the eye of consumers. Another easy way to grab attention is with unique packaging, whether it’s bold and vibrant or minimalist and modern. The key is having each aspect of your operations align with your brand’s vibe, goals, aesthetic, and purpose.

Because community guidelines and social media marketing can be tricky, cannabis brands must make their content more brand-centric rather than cannabis-oriented. Explain who your brand is, what your goal is, why you’re passionate about it, etc.

Don't: Lack Branding

The worst thing you could possibly do in the modern day of cannabis is lack great branding. Consumers are quickly becoming more aware of the products their using and which brands are actually benefitting the industry and the environment.

In order to succeed in today’s cannabis world, you must be one of those brands. There’s nothing more disappointing than smoking great quality weed from a ghost brand with no mission, lame imagery, no third-party lab test results, and no reason for why they’re in business in the first place.

Do: Understand Your Target Audience/Customer

Who are you selling to? Hold old are they? What is their lifestyle like? Knowing your demographic not only helps you solidify your branding, but it seriously intrigues the group you’re trying to reach.

By knowing who your target audience is and what their lifestyle is like, you can easily create products, pages, branding, and campaigns that might be of interest to this particular demographic.

If you’re going after young adults who enjoy the wellness lifestyle, your brand should reflect all things wellness, from getting a good night’s sleep or promoting vitality and energy to help you seize the day.

Know your audience and use their interests to manipulate your branding into something they will find interesting.

Don't: Make False Claims About Your Products

Whether you’re a recreational or medical brand, let’s face it; cannabis is not the end-all-be-all. Your products might help promote certain bodily sensations, but you simply cannot claim that they will fix someone’s problems.

Unless you somehow have proof of your claims from studies, research, and rigorous testing, you cannot make false claims and exaggerate the benefits your products provide.

Not only does this give you a bad look when consumers don’t have that experience, but it’s also against the rules on most social media platforms (especially Instagram and Facebook).

Do: Create Quality Online Content

Far too many brands are missing out on one crucial aspect of increasing potential revenue: quality online content.

Whether it’s written content or images, having high-quality content on your website will always bump you up in search engine rankings. This helps search engines verify that you’re a reputable source of information.

Do so by creating a “Blog” section on your website that answers frequently asked questions related to the products or services you sell, like “What is CBD?” “How To Grow Cannabis Plants,” or “The Best Products To Beat Insomnia.” Consider SEO for online written content, which we touch on below.

Don't: Avoid Email & SEO

Whether you have a marketing team or not, taking advantage of SEO and email marketing is always ideal. Let’s start with Email.

Email: One of the best things any brand can do in any industry is creating a recurring newsletter featuring interesting content your brand has created on your website or social media.

This not only drives traffic to your website and social media accounts, but it increases your chances of turning eyes into dollars. Make sure your website has clear instructions on how to sign up for your email list.

SEO: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a tool used by content writers and marketing teams far and wide, and using it is incredibly easy.

By using popular phrases and keywords that have been searched for that week, you can align your content to reflect what people are searching for. We suggest looking into a keyword research tool like SEMrush, which lets you enter different words to find which are most popular and commonly searched for that week.

Loading your online written content with popular and most searched-for keywords and phrases will bump up your content in search engine rankings, increasing traffic and potential revenue.

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