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Guides | 12.22.2021

Our Favorite Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

Kick-off the season with an indulgent cannabis-infused chocolate milkshake. Created with Eighty Six.

Nothing says happy holidays like a deliciously rich and creamy chocolate milkshake.

Keep yourself lifted this Christmas dinner with a quality milkshake recipe that’s not only a decadent dessert in itself, but uses the finest cannabis-infused chocolate on the market, courtesy of premium Delta 8 cannabis company, Eighty Six. 

Why Eighty Six?

Photo courtesy of Eighty Six

Not only is Eighty Six a leading retailer for your Delta 8 THC needs, but they’re adamant about delivering safe and high-quality products.

Eighty Six offers an entire page dedicated to every lab report for each product they sell, demonstrating their commitment to providing top-tier cannabis products.

Eighty Six’s nostalgic, classic, and rich Delta 8 Milk Chocolate Bar is the perfect addition to this milkshake recipe.

The velvety and decadent chocolate comes packed with 300 mg of Delta 8 THC, providing an explosive high for the mind and body. Each piece has 25 mg of Delta 8 THC, and the bar comes with 12 pieces in total. 


Using whipping cream in this recipe gives the milkshake a creamy and airy texture, taking you back to your childhood with an adult flare of cannabis.

Don’t expect to be tasting any cannabis, especially when using Eighty Six’s Delta 8 Milk Chocolate Bar. Drizzling the milkshake with chocolate syrup to top it off is key to a sensational chocolate treat. 

  • 2 cups premium quality chocolate ice cream
  • ½ cup whipped cream
  • 1 tablespoon chocolate shavings for garnish
  • ¼ cup whipped cream
  • Chocolate sauce (optional)
  • Eighty Six Delta 8 Milk Chocolate Bar, diced


  • First, add the ice cream, diced Eighty Six Chocolate Bar, and 1/2 cup whipped cream into a blender. 
  • Blend your chocolatey goodness until the mixture runs smooth
  • Pour your blended milkshake into glasses
  • Garnish with 1/4 cup whipped cream, and top with chocolate shavings. 
  • For an extra chocolaty kick, drizzle your favorite chocolate sauce over the top and call it a day. 

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