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Puffco Plus Review: Your Pocketable Dabbing Solution

Usually, dabbing can be quite a feat and take up a lot of time and resources. Well, hold your horses because not anymore.

Photo courtesy of Puffco

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Thanks to the Puffco Plus, hitting your concentrate has never been easier! This affordable dab pen has proven to be an instant classic with its compact design, flavorful clouds of vapor, and handy features that elevate every smoke sesh.

We’re not surprised that it’s gained notoriety as one of the best pens on the market, dominating the industry and providing unforgettable experiences at every puff.

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So what’s the deal with the Puffco Plus? It’s got loads of features that give it a stellar reputation, so let’s get into them. 

  • The ceramic chamber ensures that flavor is maintained at every hit.
  • The fact that the chamber is also coil-free prevents the concentrate from being burnt.
  • A loading dart makes scooping up wax super easy and avoids the messiness that often comes with a dab session.
  • The plated brass exterior gives the pen a sleek and sophisticated look.
  • Sesh Mode allows you to pass around the pen as it heats up the wax for 12 consecutive seconds.
  • Heat-up is almost instantaneous, so you won’t be waiting around for long.
  • Three pre-set temperatures let you control how high or low you want the heat set.
  • The USB charging cable is easy to use: just screw the battery into the charger and plug it in.


The Puffco Plus is available in two colors: a shiny grey/black metallic finish and a fun, iridescent rainbow sheen. Looking beyond color, the thin and slim body makes it look like a regular old pen, while its compact size makes it highly portable so that dab sessions can be held anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to the screw-on battery, the pen looks super sleek by not even having a noticeable charging port, while the single power button adds to its simplistic design.

The tip narrows down to showcase the mouthpiece, differing from many other pens’ standard hourglass shape. When it comes to the inside of the mouthpiece, you’ll see one of the Puffco Plus’s main features: the Dart, an integrated dab tool that makes scooping up concentrate mega convenient.

The ceramic coil’s neutrality produces a potent vapor that makes flavor the focal point of every hit when it comes to the ceramic coil.

How To Use The Puffco Plus

Using the Puffco Plus is pretty intuitive, as it makes dabbing easy and accessible. You’ll have no trouble loading the chamber with your favorite wax concentrate and definitely breeze through turning it on and puffing away. In case you need a little extra help, here’s a play-by-play, so you’ll have it down in no time. 

  • First, you’ll want to take off the mouthpiece to reveal the Dart, which serves as a wax collector.
  • Once the top is off, collect a dab the size of a grain of rice onto the Dart.
  • Seal the mouthpiece back up and turn the pen on by clicking the power button five times.
  • Select your temperature: click the button four times to shift from low to medium and high. Alternatively, you can just press the button like a regular pen or click the button twice to activate Sesh Mode.
  • Now, all you need to do is inhale the flavorful and potent clouds of vapor that your Puffco Plus produces.
  • Last (but certainly not least), enjoy the heck out of the oncoming effects!
  • Oh, we forgot another important step: once the vaporizer has cooled down a bit, use a Q-Tip to clean the chamber so that it’s ready to go the next time you are.

Puffco Plus Best Temperature

Photo courtesy of Puffco

The best temperature to melt your wax into vapor using the Puffco Plus depends on what you’re looking for. The pen comes with three pre-set temps: low, medium, and high.

You can switch between them by clicking the power button four times and watching for the color change (blue for low, green for medium, and white for high).

When it comes to conserving flavor, it’d be wise to stick to the lower settings. A high temperature is your best bet if you don’t mind forgoing a bit of the flavor to get bigger hits.

Alternatively, you can use Sesh Mode to activate a 12-second high-temperature setting that allows you to pack the entire session into a few seconds.


Why do so many people love the Puffco Plus? Well, it’s pretty easy to get attached to as it makes dabbing simpler than ever. Here are some of our favorite perks:

  • It’s tiny! The pen’s pocket-friendly size makes it transportable, making every trip out of the house a lot more fun. 
  • The Puffco Plus conserves the flavor of your wax (as long as you don’t burn it).
  • We’ve got to say that the Dart is one of our favorite features. It makes loading dabs easier than ever!
  • It’s a beauty, for sure. Its sleek and stylish appearance makes it easy on the eyes.
  • Vapor quality is remarkable thanks to the coil-less ceramic bowl.
  • The price is a definite pro in our eyes. It comes in at an affordable $89.99


It’s close to impossible to not have any suggested improvements for smoking accessories, so here are the things we don’t adore about the Puffco Plus.

  • We’re not crazy about the battery life, although it’s pretty acceptable. It wouldn’t hurt to be a bit better, though.
  • You might have to change the heating chamber every once in a while. Although it’s not a dealbreaker, sometimes getting out of the house to run that errand can be a hassle.
  • If used for too long, the pen gets hot. You might want to take a break in between sessions to let the vaporizer rest.


There’s no doubt that the Puffco Plus is one of the greatest (if not the best) dab pens currently on the market.

Small enough to bring anywhere, durable enough to withstand long-term use, hot enough to produce delicious and potent vapor, and handy enough to make dabbing super simple.

It delivers many cool features for a reasonable price, like the Sesh Mode worthy of passing around the pen with a group of friends and the dab tool that makes scooping up concentrate mess-free.

All in all, this is an excellent buy for both the dab newbie and the longtime expert, making it an acquisition that is well worth it for any cannabiseur. 

November 09, 2021
Written by Itali Heide
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November 09, 2021
Written by Itali Heide
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