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Sessions Will Never Be The Same With The Hitoki Trident

With the Hitoki Trident, bad sessions simply don't exist.

Looking for ways to elevate your herbal consumption? We’ve got quite the treat for you.

Coming across a state-of-the-art device in the cannabis industry bestows an unmatched childlike wonder. Your eyes widen like a kid in a candy shop, filling you with excitement for something new and refreshing.

When it comes time to switch up your smoking routine, we hope you’ll make the right choice and maximize the flavor, potency, and effects of your favorite strain with the world’s first laser bong, the Hitoki Trident.

Instead of zapping lasers at the enemy, Hitoki zaps them on your flower with its cutting-edge laser system, making it the first clean laser combustion smoking device.

Not sold yet? Read on for more information on how the industry’s finest smoking device can elevate your sessions with the click of a button.

Bye Bye Butane

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

Any cannabis user can agree that the worst thing about smoking weed is that awful butane taste. This is especially true for bongs, bubblers, pipes, and rigs.

It’s no secret that we shouldn’t be inhaling butane. But unfortunately, we do every time we smoke weed, which can be multiple times a day for many. Butane fuel emits chemicals onto our weed when ignited, which explains why some tokes taste like straight-up gas, and not the good kind.

The Hitoki Trident solves that issue with its cutting-edge patent-pending laser system. Without a spark in sight, the Trident combusts your herb with a concentrated laser beam that carefully preserves the intended flavor and aroma of your flower.

It’s practically a bong that doubles as a vaporizer. The result is the smoothest sessions that don’t leave you in butane-induced coughing fits. You’ll be shocked at how wrong you were smoking weed all these years.

Stepping Into The Future

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By now, you can probably tell why the Hitoki Trident is the premier luxury smoking device in herbal consumption. The laser combustion says it all.

The Trident also features a one-button function that lets you toggle through the three power levels indicated by their color:

  • Low = Red: For dry blends
  • Medium = Green: For dense blends
  • High = Blue: For blends infused with oils

But how does the laser combustion work? Let’s travel back to your youth. Have you ever tried to light something on fire by holding a magnifying glass under the sun?

The Trident’s patent-pending laser systems work exactly the same. It uses a concentrated beam of light to combust your herb within seconds.

As mentioned, the result is the cleanest, smoothest smoke you’ll ever experience. It’s the best possible way to smoke your flower of choice without masking the flavors with butane lighters.

You’re avoiding butane and its harmful byproducts altogether with this futuristic device. One hit, and you’ll feel like you’re on mars.

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