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Spliffigami: How To Roll A Cone Joint Better Than Your Friends

Want to have the best cone joint rolling skills in your group? Then learn how to fine tune your rolling skills with this quick video on cone joints.
Spliffigami: How To Roll A Cone Joint Better Than Your Friends

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If you love joints, you know that there is a big difference in experience and satisfaction between a paltry roll and an excellent one. Being the best joint roller in a circle of friends is probably one of the highest herbal honors that can be bestowed. Since every skill needs a little fine tuning, here is a great video by vcriddler that shows you how to harness your cone joint skills.

Step 1: Strong foundations

First of all, the perfect shaped cone joint starts off with the perfect filter. Roll your paper filter and give it a twist. As much as the weed gives shape to the joint, the filter does, too. Consequently, you want an angled filter to help you roll the perfect cone.

Step 2: Fill it up

Get your weed in there and start to roll it up. Don’t worry about packing it full, you will top it off at the end. Although you don’t want too little, you also don’t want to put so much in during the roll that it deforms the shape into a blob.

Step 3: Tuck and roll

Next, you want to tuck the rolling paper on the filter side first. Then you can start to roll the rest of the joint up at a gradual angle.

Step 4: Adjust and adhere

Go back and forth until the paper makes a smooth cone, then lick it and stick it. While sealing it up, you want to keep the paper from folding a crease in the joint.

Step 5: Pack it and close your cone joint

Finally, you will pack the cone with more herb until there is just enough paper to twist the top shut. Another option is to add tobacco (if that is your thing). If you leave too much paper at the tip, you can snip or burn off the excess. The cone will have a small tip of paper hanging below the filter, so snip or burn this off to even the end out. Now light up your perfect creation and enjoy!

Did this quick video help you roll a better, smoother cone joint? What joint rolling tips do you have? Share with us on social media or in the comments below.

August 13, 2019
August 13, 2019
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