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The Best Dispensaries In Salem

Discover hundreds of product options from medical to recreational cannabis at these incredible dispensaries in Salem, MA.

Massachusetts has been booming with adult-use cannabis dispensaries since the state legalized recreational sales in recent years. With so many to choose from, we’ll help you weed out the mediocre.

The dispensaries below are the best options in Salem for several reasons:

  • A wide array of products for medical and recreational consumers
  • Welcoming and efficient facilities
  • Attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable budtenders

See our favorite cannabis dispensaries in Salem, Massachusetts, below.


Insa’s mission is simple: to make your good days even better. Through their quality products and their highly qualified and involved team, they show us how easy it is to feel good.

Insa‘s dispensary in Salem has earned a reputation for putting the consumer’s needs first. The shop carries what it calls cannabis for real life, whether you want to heal the mind and body or elevate your spirit to a higher vibration. We all need a little bit of that, don’t we?

The product portfolio is impressive, and the trained budtenders stop at nothing until you find a product for your situation. It’s not some la-di-da cannabis shop that takes you to otherworldly places; Insa offers cannabis for real life, for real people. It’s that simple.

ATG Cannabis

Alternative Therapies Group or ATG was the first dispensary to serve medical cannabis patients in Massachusetts in 2015. And they started serving recreational customers just three years later.

Alternative Therapies Group is a cannabis dispensary that offers pleasant and safe experiences to everyone who enters the place. The interior welcomes consumers with open arms and tasteful designs, not to mention the impressive product catalog and eager budtenders. A great place with great people and excellent cannabis.

The team at ATG strives to offer the best cannabis dispensary experience to their patients and customers, advising them every step of the way to find the perfect product for their medical or recreational needs.


Seagrass is a dispensary located in the heart of downtown Salem. This pot shop offers vastly different products for recreational consumption.

It welcomes consumers from all walks of life to find relief and comfort through its products, and the helpful budtenders are willing to answer any questions you may have. We’re certain you will leave Seagrass with a smile on your face.

The trained staff helps customers understand the many different products, their effects, and what conditions they’re often used to help with.

Seagrass is inspired by its proximity to the ocean and its commitment to promoting and protecting healthy local coastal habitats that are vital to the culture, leisure, and economy.

Terpene Journey

Terpene Journey is a recreational cannabis dispensary that focuses on terpenes rather than the typical classification of Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids. Their business model is innovative and quite captivating.

The budtenders at Terpene Journey are welcoming and well-prepared to advise all customers on their purchasing journey in order to find something effective for their specific situation.

The best part is that this dispensary has an exclusive shopping guide for cannabis terpenes, aromatic compounds known to promote the famous entourage effect.

One of the main goals at Terpene Journey is to raise awareness of terpenes to help consumers make more informed decisions about their cannabis and their experience.

Your CBD Store - SUNMED

Located on Essex street in Salem, Your CBD Store is exactly that, your new reliable shop for the leading CBD products in the country. 

Although Your CBD Store focuses on the medicinal side of cannabis and non-psychoactive products, its CBD product selection is truly unmatched compared to the recreational dispensaries around it. 

The shop takes pride in being the largest hemp retailer in the United States and being the exclusive home for award-winning SUNMED products. Shop its USDA Certified Organic product selection and experience what the highest quality CBD has to offer. 

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