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Guides | 02.23.2022

The Best Smell Proof Backpacks For Exploring With Weed

We all have, at some point or another, had to carry some flowers for later use. This normally doesn’t have a lot of mystery to it, but it’s far smarter to use an odor-proof solution because let’s be real, perhaps we are already high and a bit paranoid.

One of the things I like the most about everything that surrounds cannabis is the wide variety of gadgets, apparel, devices, and products on the market. With tons of paraphernalia to choose from, some have collections of herb-related items that are fun to use and fantastic to show to our smoke pals.

There’s an amazing array of products relating to discreetness and concealability, such as containers for storing and carrying flowers, smoke deodorizers and filters, and smell-proof packs and backpacks.

Take a look at a list we made up of the best odor-proof backpacks out there!

RYOT DRY+ Backpack

It’s hard to find a smell-proof backpack in the everyday world, but luckily for stoners, the cannabis community has a lot to choose from.

A foolproof one is RYOT’s DRY+ Backpack, which is both smell-proof and waterproof, perfect for any adventure.

The flexible roll and cinch closure keeps odors inside and the weather out, while the lightweight and carbon-lined SmellSafe insert can be removed and used separately.

Genius Backpack

The Genius Backpack was the first highly-anticipated item from the Geniuswear collection, and it holds a special place in our hearts.

This highly-portable, durable, and smell-proof backpack is truly our everyday companion, whether we’re strolling through the city or packing our cannabis goods in the trunk for a long road trip.

Made for the modern cannabis user, the Genius Backpack is genuinely 100% smell-proof, and it’s also waterproof, making it resistant to accidental leaks and spills.

The Genius Backpack can transform into a bag, pouch, or your typical backpack along with the soft padded leather interior. Nothing says style and efficiency quite like this backpack. 

Higher Standards x Revelry Escort

Higher Standards has joined forces with Revelry to create a limited-edition version of the Escort backpack. There is an exclusive black interior lining with white piping and a black, rubber-backed canvas exterior with Higher Standards and Revelry leather patches.

This bag is the ultimate in style and craftsmanship. It features adjustable straps to accommodate shoulder or cross-body wear and an internal harness system to keep your stash in place. And the best part is; you can rest assured knowing no one can tell what’s inside!

From its reusable odor-free carbon filter to its patented ergonomic seal closure, the Escort represents the ideal fusion of form and function. It’s finally here—the perfect stoner travel backpack.

Radical Life Premium Smell Proof Bag

Radical Life produces a stylish, discreet, and compact bag that not only looks great but is durable and perfect for travel. This medium-sized pack has a 5.6-liter capacity, plenty for our herb, some devices, and anything we want to keep safe in its waterproof, lockable, and completely smell-proof interior. 

Another remarkable feature of this pack is its steel combination lock, making it an excellent grab for keeping your valuables and smokable safe from pesky hands.

Even though odor protection isn’t the biggest worry when camping or taking a hike, this bag is perfect for harsh conditions and will protect your gadgets, papers, torch, and accessories.

When in the market for a pack you can easily carry around or fit in your luggage or a bigger backpack, the Radical Life odor-proof bag is great, and it is only $54.99.

Cali Crusher Standard Backpack

The standard version of the Cali Backpack is sleek and discreet, has an amazing honeycomb pattern that is subtle, and amazing black color. This backpack has an active carbon lining that will keep all your smelly items conveniently hidden from prying noses. 

With three different compartments to store your valuables in and two side pockets with adjustable side straps, this pack has ample space and organizing capacities. 

This pack is ideal for hiking, camping, or everyday use, but what it is fantastic for is a festival or concert, where you have to keep your group’s goodies, and belongings safely tucked away. This pack has a combination lock to ensure your stored items are kept securely.

Get yours for $84.99, and you’ll love this purchase.

Quik Wikk Smell Proof Shoulder Bag

This odor-proof shoulder bag looks dope and will be great for your everyday use with the added benefit you can discreetly and safely keep your bud away. This bag has a smell-proof pocket on the outside and another on the inside to stop odors from creepin’ out.

At $39.99, this shoulder pack is a great option for those looking for a smell-proof bag that is comfortable to wear, compact, and ideal for everyday use. No one will see or smell what you are carrying as the bag is discreet and completely sealed.

A very practical feature of this shoulder bag is you can remove and adjust the strap, so if you plan on using it as a discreet smell proof bag that goes inside luggage, you’re already armed for both scenarios.

Cali Crusher Roll Top Backpack

Some of us smokers love enjoying a good joint out in the wilderness, I for one, really like hiking or trailing on my motorcycle. The Cali Roll Top Backpack is durable, weatherproof, odor guarding, and great for all your everyday needs and afternoon or weekend fun.

This pack resembles a vintage roll-top backpack, but is made with a durable textile that is weather-resistant, will keep all your odors inside, and looks great. The main compartment has a nice laptop inner sleeve, two mesh pockets, and enough space for you to carry all your treats, your camera, a couple of days worth of clothing, and your stash.

At $79.99, this is an excellent option for a backpack that will both serve you day today and have the capacity to conceal your herbs n’ spices.

OZCHIN Odor Proof Stash Case

We are always looking for practical and durable solutions to our cannabic needs, and this smell guarding stash case is budget-friendly and has an excellent small-to-medium-sized capacity. This pack has a dividable compartment for ease of organization on the inside and a combination lock to keep all your goodies safe.

The OZCHIN Stash Case has sufficient space for your herb, grinder, pipe, papers, and many other accessories, but most importantly, it has divisors and a convenient pocket for storing delicate items.

This stash usually is $27.99 but is seldom on sale, so it’s a very affordable solution to your everyday needs and for traveling.

Skunk Urban Backpack

Skunk produces premium smell-proof technology, and their Urban Backpack has an incredible look and feel, plus tons of features you would want in a pack like this. This pack is compact, rectangular, and has a front-facing waterproof zipper pocket for items you need at hand.

The interior is entirely smell-proof and has weather resistance, plus enough space to pack your laptop, your gadgets, some clothing, and your kush n’ paraphernalia. All this is rounded up with the potent combination lock that will keep all your items safe!

The anti-tear exterior is excellent for durability, and there are grey and green/orange options. At $89, this pack is affordable and built to last. There’s also a red Skunk Urban Backpack option; it goes for over $200, has the same features, and has a more vibrant and stunning look.

Formline Backpack With Smell Proof Technology

This backpack is convenient! The Formline Backpack with combo lock has technology packed in to preserve your odorous goodies discreetly and safely. The inside of the bag has a separate compartment with roll closure that will leave all your precious smelly terps inside.

What I like about this pack is how discreet and stylish it is, with a very minimalistic feel and excellent safety features.

At $99.99, this backpack has it all to be your everyday bag. It even has a separate sleeve for your laptop and a removable configurable insert for you to organize all your herb-related stuff.

Skunk Rogue Backpack

The Skunk Rogue Backpack is the bigger brother to their Urban counterpart. This nylon lining bag is durable, weather-resistant, and has a carbon filter thermal lining to keep all those smelly goodies safe and discreet. I love roll-top backpacks, but apart from that, the loops at the bottom of this pack make it great for hanging your canteen on when taking a walk.

The anti-tear protective exterior makes this pack an excellent option for everyday use, and the combination lock will keep all your belongings safe and sound. The bag features a smell-proof retainer interior that will keep your herb from bothering anyone around you.

There are five color options to choose from, and at $105, the Rogue is a terrific option due to its incredible physique and the many safety and smell-proof features it packs.

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