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The Best THCA Diamonds

Dab it up like never before with Binoid's premium THCA Diamonds, the first THCA wax dabs on the market.

Strong dabs are top-tier. Once the coughing fit is over, the praised effects of Delta-9 THC gradually settle in. If you’re a regular dabber, have you considered experimenting with new cannabinoids during your sessions?

Looking for a potent wax dab featuring new cannabinoids is effortless, thanks to the premier THCA dabs on the market, the THCA Diamond Wax Dabs from Binoid. This potent, waxy, and flavorful substance delivers the familiar effects of Delta-9 THC in a new and improved way.

How? Read on for more information about THCA, its effects, and Binoid’s trailblazing THCA Diamond Wax Dabs.

What Is THCA?

If you know Delta-9 THC, chances are you’re familiar with THCA. THCA is the precursor to Delta-9 THC, meaning this cannabinoid turns into Delta-9 when decarboxylated through light and heat.

Without decarboxylation, THCA doesn’t produce any effects. Thus, heating THCA and smoking/consuming it produces the same effects as tried and true Delta-9 THC. THCA is one of the more popular new cannabinoids to enter the market, thanks to brands like Binoid, who bend over backward to provide the cannabis community with something new, legal, and exciting.

THCA is incredibly potent, and Binoid’s THCA Diamonds offer the truest expression of this new cannabinoid. Just remember, THCA is very strong, so use it responsibly.

The Best THCA Diamonds On The Market

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For an epic dabbing experience, you know who to look to. Binoid’s THCA Diamond Wax Dabs are changing the dabbing game with a superior blend you won’t find elsewhere.

These diamond dabs contain premium 99% THCA distillate and live rosin cannabis terpenes for an elevated experience with familiar effects. Although you might know what to expect from Delta-9 THC, consume this wax cautiously. Although they produce similar effects, we suggest testing the waters with smaller amounts and gradually working your way up.

Binoid’s THCA Diamond Wax Dabs come in the following mouthwatering flavors:

  • Gusherz – Indica
  • Jillybean – Hybrid
  • Candy Cloud – Sativa

The live rosin cannabis terpenes provide the utmost flavorful, true-to-plant experience. Each jar comes with a whopping total of 1500mg hemp-derived THCA, providing an extraordinary mental and physical buzz. For best results, use these diamonds at low temperatures.

With premium THCA distillate, live rosin cannabis terpenes, and delicious flavors, you’re guaranteed an unmatched cannabis experience. Get yours and test the potent waters of THCA today.

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