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The Herbalist: Lemonnade And The Ultimate Sativa Experience

Looking for a buzzy euphoric high with flavor-forward products you can't find elsewhere? Lemonnade has you covered.

Sativas are underrated. Although, it’s common for seasoned cannabis users to steer away from Sativas.

While some prefer the relaxing body high of Indicas, I would argue that consumers simply haven’t experienced the benefits of a premium, top-shelf, high-quality Sativa strain.

After all, Sativas are excellent for mood elevation, focus, getting tasks done, and chatting someone’s ear off. They can help you when you’re down and propel you forward when you’re up. If you’re in search of a truly euphoric high that lets you see the world through rose-colored glasses, Lemonnade has what you need.

This famous Sativa-leaning brand is proud to provide consumers with the highest-quality and most diverse Sativa menu in the world. Learn more about Lemonnade and some of its top contenders below.

Who Is Lemonnade?

If you’ve heard of Cookies, you’ve likely heard of Lemonnade. This Sativa-centric flavor-forward brand is the sister company to Cookies. Founded in 2015 by industry veterans Berner and Brett Wilson, aka Growing Passion, Lemonnade was voted the #1 Sativa menu worldwide.

With a team of legends behind the brand, Lemonnade prides itself on delivering the utmost unique Sativa-leaning cannabis products with impressive flavors resulting from precise genetics and masterful breeding.

Lemonnade is here for seasoned users looking for an upbeat and euphoric experience with maximum flavor. The vertically-integrated company oversees and controls all operations of the seed-to-sale process, from cultivating the plants to delivering them to your door.

Lemonnade is also known for its exclusive collaborations with high-profile celebrities and renowned artists like Rick Ross, Michael Corleone, and Run The Jewels. With a cult following under its belt, Lemonnade is your one-stop shop for the ultimate Sativa experience.

The True Lemonnade Experience

Although Lemonnade is a Sativa-oriented brand, they also offer various strains in Indica and Hybrids.

However, we highly encourage you to experience what Lemonnade‘s world-renowned Sativas have in store. Some of them even reach potencies as high as 30% Delta 9 THC.

They offer classic strains like the Sativa-dominant hybrid Durban, originating from South Africa and uplifting consumers with an energizing and cerebral high. This strain sits at 30% THC with earthy, woody, and piney flavors reminiscent of pure landrace Sativas.

For pre-roll fans who want ease, convenience, and potency, opt for Lemonnade‘s Caffeine 5-Pack Pre-Rolled Blunts, rolled in hemp leaf and finished with a luxury glass tip. These Sativa blunts are perhaps the best way to experience Lemonnade‘s own branded products while lifting your spirits with energizing, euphoric effects and unmatched flavors.

For more products and information about Lemonnade, visit Cookies’ website at

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