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Guides | 11.02.2022

The Herbalist: Pacific Cultivation Is Dedicated To Growing Cannabis Sustainably And Ethically

Pacific Cultivation is putting Mendocino County on the map as a world-renowned cannabis-growing region.

There’s something about west coast-grown cannabis that just feels right.

Whether it’s the favorable weather conditions or access to the powerful California sun, there’s no denying that the west coast grows the best weed in the country.

While specific regions may be better than others for growing our favorite plant, Pacific Cultivation has firmly planted its roots in the soil of Mendocino County.

As a Clean Green Certified single-source cannabis cultivation company, Pacific Cultivation sets its standards high to ensure you only have the best possible experience. From soil to spark, here’s what you should know about Pacific Cultivation.

A Single-Source Family Farm

Photo courtesy of Pacific Cultivation

Pacific Cultivation cares about forming a trustworthy relationship with those who purchase and use its flower. It all starts with nutrient-rich soil only filled with what’s beneficial for the plant.

The difference between your usual dried flower and Pacific Cultivation’s hand-trimmed flower is palpable, not just from the taste but the overall experience that delivers unmatched potencies and desirable effects time and again.

As a member of Mendocino Generations, Pacific Cultivation and Mendocino Cannabis Alliance are proud to represent the region’s heritage and put it on the map as a world-renowned cannabis-growing region.

The team has dedicated a generous portion of their lives strictly to growing the plant while learning the ins and outs of what it takes to raise the best cannabis sustainably and ethically.

The company sees cultivation as an act of independence, being self-sufficient and able to live off what the earth provides (with some cultivation expertise, of course). But, most importantly, it’s about preserving that connection to the culture, soil, and land of Mendocino County.

Behind The Scenes At Pacific Cultivation

Photo courtesy of Pacific Cultivation

If you’re interested in supporting single-source family farms and want to experience what Northern California’s traditional cannabis communities are all about, Pacific Cultivation awaits.

The company promises that each strain you pick up will be pure and potent while delivering consistent and reliable experiences each time around.

That’s because Pacific Cultivation uses 100% off-grid solar cultivation in the central Mendocino County hills. The Clean Green Certified Farms:

  • Use solar power for cultivation
  • Steer clear of synthetic inputs
  • Minimize waste to maintain sustainable practices

Not only is Pacific Cultivation’s cannabis sun grown in small batches, but the company promises to provide it at affordable prices to help everyone find easy access to the highest quality cannabis in California.

At the end of the day, it’s all about reducing the environmental impact while producing the most reliable cannabis around. For a cultivation company and single-source family farm you can trust, look to Pacific Cultivation.

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