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The Herbalist: Queen Of Bud Cannabis Pairs Crystals With Cultivars For Maximum Enlightenment

Woman-owned Queen of Bud Cannabis invites you to set positive intentions with their strains and crystal recommendations.

Cannabis and spirituality go hand in hand. Whether you’re using it to manifest or meditate, this sacred plant has been used spiritually for generations.

Although today’s corporate cannabis industry is deeply focused on flower and their effects, few brands are promoting the spiritual use of cannabis that not only lets you discover more about this special plant but more about yourself too.

Brands like Queen of Bud Cannabis are proud to combine the beauty of the plant and spirituality to spread positivity, optimism, and joy. The brand firmly believes in the power of changing your perspective with your thoughts.

They do so by making crystal recommendations with each unique cultivar that was thoughtfully selected to promote certain effects and energies. Queen of Bud Cannabis is carefully curated, and they invite you to choose your mindset and elevate your cannabis experience with hand-picked cultivars and informative crystal recommendations.

About Queen Of Bud Cannabis

Founded by Ashley Newman, she was on a mission to not only bring quality to the market but “sophistication, mindfulness, and beauty to cannabis as well,” notes Newman.

Queen of Bud strives to leave every consumer inspired to transform their realities and align with a greater purpose through their high-quality flower.

The brand acknowledges the stereotypes and stigmas attached to cannabis and its users, which is why they strive to create dialogue that challenges these notions in our industry.

Queen of Bud designs their products with the high-functioning daily user in mind, striving to elevate their experience with potent cultivars, superior cannabinoid contents, and aromatic terpene profiles that you can celebrate.

Pick Your Energy

Besides the quality of their flower, Queen of Buds approach to the effects of their cultivars is incredibly unique and, albeit, needed!

Whether you’re new to the powerful world of crystals or already have your altar set up, Queen of Bud Cannabis chooses unique cultivars and trusted crystal recommendations to teach you more about:

  • A strain
  • Its effects
  • How to use it with intention
  • How your accompanying crystal can enhance the experience

Queen of Bud makes pairings based on the energies and effects of specific cultivars and crystals. When used together, the crystals are meant to complement, mirror, or parallel the energies of your cultivar.

This approach not only introduces consumers to their preferred cannabis experience, but also an enlightening spiritual experience that focuses your attention on gratitude, optimism, and love. Don’t just spark up—use your flower with intention at Queen of Bud Cannabis.

For more information about Queen of Bud Cannabis, visit their website at

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