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Top 5 Los Angeles Lookouts For Sesh Spots

Bask in the city's many views with help from our quick list of LA's top lookouts.

Los Angeles is a goldmine for cannabis lovers. The city has everything the modern stoner needs. With premium dispensaries around every block, there are plenty of places to re-up your stash.

But what about places to smoke your stash? We know weed lovers are constantly on the hunt for pristine lookouts, views, and spots to plunk down with a good joint and your best bud. That’s why we made this list of our favorite lookouts during a sesh.

Just beware; some of these spots can get pretty busy. But, they’re big enough to find a discreet corner so you can spark up in peace. Read on to learn more about the top 5 Los Angeles lookouts for sesh spots.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is a beautiful spot for tourists, locals, and stoners alike.

At the park’s peak is the Griffith Observatory. In its elevated position, you’re able to catch views of the Pacific Ocean, the Hollywood Sign, and Downtown L.A.. Not to mention the various science exhibits you can visit inside.

Grab a few buds, a joint, and a lighter, and feast your high eyes on these stunning views.

Location: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

Angel's Point

Looking for a peaceful sesh in the heart of your city? Head down to Angel’s Point for otherworldly views.

There’s nothing more serene than Angel’s Point’s green and forested valley alongside the city’s skyscraper skyline. The lights from distant buildings and cars gleam as if in their own galaxy.

From here, you can spot attractions like Dodger Stadium, Hollywood, and the heavy traffic along the Golden State Freeway.

Location: Angels Point Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA

Universal City Overlook

If you happen to be in LA for Independence Day, be sure to head over to Universal City Overlook for an exceptional session under the night sky and fireworks.

Daytime sessions are great here as well, letting you get a good view of the San Fernando Valley and the San Gabriel Mountains. If you look close enough, you can also spot the many luxury A-list celebrity homes.

Location: 7701 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA

Jerome C. Daniel Overlook

This overlook sits right above the famous Hollywood Bowl Amphitheater.

Jerome C. Daniel Overlook is best experienced at night when the city’s lights come alive. You’ll catch lights as far as the eye can see and hear distant echoes of the city’s hustle and bustle.

However, daytime here is also impeccable. You’ll notice attractions like the Hollywood Sign and even Catalina Island and the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

Location: 7036 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA

The Getty

There are a handful of things to do at The Getty, a beautiful museum with views inside and out.

Admire the gorgeous architecture and pre-20th-century European paintings inside the museum or stroll the manicured cactus gardens and relish the views.

You can also hike through Getty View Park overlooking the center, Santa Monica, and Downtown L.A. Along the way, there are plenty of spots for a quick sesh.

Location: 1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

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