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Guides | 12.06.2021

5 Ways To Tell You’re Smoking Top-Shelf Dabs

Top-shelf concentrates taste like the strains they are extracted from. If you are new to the work of dabs, here’s what you need to know. Created with Stiiizy.

If you’ve been using cannabis for years, you know the difference between quality bud and something grown in a newbie’s dorm room closet. You’re refined. You have taste.

As the legalization movement continues to spread, the green continues to get better. In particular, the world of concentrates has expanded rapidly, meaning that you have some fantastic options to choose from!

If you’re new to dabbing, check out this guide we made with the concentrate masters at Stiiizy with a few ways to know you’re enjoying quality, top-shelf concentrates.


Best Live Resin

Photography by Georgia Love for Herb

When you first started smoking weed, you smelled the stuff. The same goes with dabs.

Aroma is essential when examining bud. However, you obviously don’t want to inhale a concentrate that does not smell appealing.

If you are extracting your own concentrates, they will smell amazing while they’re hot!

If you are buying them from a dispensary, give it a good whiff!


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Concentrates come in many forms. There’s shatter, wax, oil, and eventually, there will be something else as the popularity of dabs continues to dominate the cannabis industry.

Be aware that high-CBD dabs have a more crystalline texture, while hash oil will be more of a syrup.

Do your research to know what a good texture in concentrates looks like. Visit dispensaries and explore your concentrate of choice.


Why Are There So Many Different Kinds of Concentrates?

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Whichever concentrate you prefer, go for the one that looks the cleanest. Shatter should look glass-like; think stained-glass people!

If it looks like a honeycomb, it better be crumble! If it’s hash oil, it should look like light maple syrup and be a bit runny.

Concentrates should look consistent, so if something looks “off,” steer clear!


dabbing 101 benefits of dabbing

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Top-shelf concentrates taste like the strains they are extracted from. A concentrate may taste like the solvent used to extract it, but don’t settle for a butane flavored shatter.

Solventless concentrates exist, and they will provide you with the most flavorful hits and highs.

End Result

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Concentrates should be pure – that’s how they’re marketed, right? Your concentrates should not taste like solvents, and if they do, find a new dispensary.

Butane Hash Oil or BHO is the only exception, and even then, your dabs should be delicious, not gross! Additionally, if you take home a concentrate and hate the taste, don’t buy it again. Trust your palate!

Wrapping Up

Look for these five things when you are purchasing concentrates. You deserve the best dabs, so aroma, texture, aesthetic, taste, and end result are essential. Do your research on concentrates if it’s something you’ve never done before.

And check out Stiiizy’s concentrate catalog, which has four fantastic concentrate options with the trademark quality that has made them one of the best in class brands in the dabbing world.

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