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Weed Hostels And Hotels In Chicago To Stay At This October

Head over to Chi-Town and stay the night at these weed-friendly inns.

Photo by Chait Goli / Pexels

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Bud And Breakfast - Hotel

Photo courtesy of Bud and Breakfast

This weed-friendly rental allows guests to relax with some needed downtime after taking in the best of what Chicago has to offer. They are pleased to offer a weed-friendly vacation rental to refuel you after scarfing down some Chicago-style hot dogs, deep-dish pizza, or coming home after a road trip down Route 66.

The Blue Sky Apartment - Airbnb

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

This beautiful and bright Airbnb has three bedrooms, four beds, and one bathroom. The host Roberto is said to offer a unique and friendly experience through his array of interesting items collected from years of traveling.

A weed advocate himself, Roberto encourages guests to indulge in some cannabis and make themselves at home.

420 At Cheltenham's 4 NBA All-Stars - Airbnb

Photo by Kindel Media / Pexels

This extra-large living space is perfect for bigger groups. It can hold up to nine guests and comes with three bedrooms, four beds, and one bathroom. The entire place is up for rent, and people who’ve stayed here raved about the open living space, cozy bedding, and equipped kitchen.

Super host Shomari is another weed advocate who’s graciously shared her home for fellow potheads.

Mary Jane Suite - Airbnb

Photo by Kindel Media / Pexels

Another listing by host Roberto; the suite holds up to three guests with one bedroom, one bathroom, and two beds. The unique and nostalgic furniture totally ups the vibe, especially with its 60s psychedelic feel.

Although it is weed-friendly, Roberto encourages guests to smoke on the patio or in the living room. It’s also a few steps away from 24-hour public transportation.

Aldrich Guest House - Hotel

Photo courtesy of Aldrich Guest House

The hotel’s beautifully decorated rooms are enough to put a smile on the guest’s face, but they’ll be grinning from ear to ear after experiencing the facility’s potting shed where cannabis consumers can enjoy their favorite products.

You can head out to see the many attractions close by or kick back with the hotel’s cozy parlor, screened porch, beautiful gardens, and free Wi-Fi.

October 13, 2021
Written by BuzzMusic
October 13, 2021
Written by BuzzMusic
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