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XVAPE Aria Review: Perfectly Designed For Dry Herb & Concentrates

A straightforward design that allows you to fulfill both functions, at an incredibly accessible price and with an easy-to-use interface.

As we head into a world where the vaping herb is just as important as vaping concentrates, a device like the XVAPE Aria is incredibly important to have available.

A straightforward design that allows you to fulfill both functions, at an incredibly accessible price and with an easy-to-use interface.

How Does It Work?

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The XVAPE Aria works with a conduction ceramic oven that can be turned on and off with three clicks of the top button. The lower two buttons are used for temperature adjustments. The device will vibrate once the set temperature is reached and then you will be ready to make your first inhale.

The inner workings of the XVAPE Aria are very standard. A 260mAh battery that heads up the coils and the chamber through a conduction process. This is probably best for concentrates, but not necessarily the optimum feature for dry-herb vaping.

The device takes a swift 20 seconds to heat up and can be recharged with a micro USB cable included in the box. When setting the temperature, you can view your pick on the OLED display on the side of the device. You can adjust the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Design Features

Although we’ve mentioned a few of the design features above, it also makes sense to go into each of them separately.

Overall Design

The XVAPE Aria is extremely portable and fits in your pocket. However, because of the design of the buttons, the device could potentially be activated by accident.


The user interface is pretty simple and straightforward. It would be hard to find a vape pen design that’s easier to use or more intuitive than this one. Basically, the layout for turning it on & off and adjusting temperatures is reminiscent of a smartphone.

The Aria is made with aluminum material and covered with synthetic leather. The leather does a good job to block the heat generated by the device. Which is a great thing since the device works on a conduction heat release that could potentially make the aluminum untouchable. Something you’ll never come to know because of the synthetic leather material wrapping around it. We also think the leather makes for a nice overall outlook.

The design is discreet overall. When I look at it, it reminds me of a hair clipper more than it does a vape. Which is a great thing if you want to keep a low profile. 

The OLED design is just the right size and makes it very easy to identify the temperature you’re working with.

Even though we’re talking about an accessibly priced design, the Aria comes with a ceramic mouthpiece that does not conduct the heat generated in the chamber. The mouthpiece is also ergonomically designed and magnetically attached to the body of the device. 

A nice feature that should be included more often in other vape devices is the hidden stir tool at the bottom of the device. This part can be used to stir your herb when you feel vapor is running low or to help you empty the unit without accumulating charred gunk under your fingernails.

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Heating Oven Layout & Deets

The heating chamber is a ceramic-built oven shaped in an oval figure. The oven size is more than enough and seems to cook very efficiently.


I wasn’t psyched to find out that the oven is right under the mouthpiece. This could make it harder to weed out potential herb residue and potentially have a bit of heat to the touch on your lips. Although I have to say I didn’t experience either of these things personally.

Temperature Feedback

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The Aria’s temperature range is pretty ample, extending from 100-240 degrees Celsius (212-464 Fahrenheit). The temperature range is perfect for someone who likes using dry herb and concentrates alike. It gives you the possibility of hitting any temperature you need depending on your material of choice. I personally like going high with my temperature eventually, because I feel like I’m making use of all my material. No to mention, you also get thicker clouds.

I loved the design on the temperature setting buttons as soon as I saw it. Easy to use and understand. Incredibly intuitive and comfortable as well. 

The vibration feature when the temperature setting is reached is just another plus. It gives you the option of standing by doing something else rather than having to stare at an LED light, waiting for it to turn a different color.

Battery Diagnose

To be completely honest, 260mAh sounds a little low if you compare it with other units. Even some disposables go above that.


The battery used in the Aria is actually more than enough for its intended purpose. The battery takes about 3 hours to go from empty to a full charge. Not only that but depending on your favored vape temperature, a full charge may last up to 8 vaping sessions.

Additional Gadgets

As is slowly becoming customary with vaporizers, the XVAPE Aria has the option of pairing it with a dabbing adaptor. 

Overall Performance

The overall experience with the XVAPE Aria is good. The only downside is that the airpath is short from chamber to mouth and makes it difficult for the vapor to cool down sufficiently. Because it is a small device, the mouthpiece may also heat up.

We were pleased with the overall performance of the unit and when compared with other units with a similar price tag, the XVAPE Aria is above average.

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