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Yocan Evolve 2.0 Review: Power You Can Take With You

When it comes to on-the-go dabbing, you want a device that packs a punch and doesn’t skimp on quality.

With a plethora of portable vapes on the market, finding a reliable one that is compatible with different concentrates and oils can be quite the task.

Your options are plenty, but this Yocan vape is a device that provides power and diversity. 

About Yocan

The folks at Yocan have prided themselves on providing a revolutionary vaping experience with their proprietary pod system. Supplying users with a battery that is compatible with the 3 separate pods for concentrates, oils, and general e-liquids was a great move by the Chinese company. 

Hailing from the Shenzhen area of China, Yocan has stated their mission has been to supply vapes free of harmful toxins through careful and meticulous research and development.


The slim design is one of the most popular features of the Evolve 2.0 and it has proven to be ideal for sneaking a toke while on the go. While the vape might belong, it is pretty thin and sharp-looking. When held in the palm of your hand the vape is not noticeable to onlookers. 

You can choose between four sleek colors, with stand-outs like champagne and rose gold. Champagne is like a glistening light gold that resembles a piece of bling. Rose gold and silver have a glittery appearance to them as well, making the Evolve’s quite the stylish vape. For those with more classic taste, the black option is a sleek-looking choice that won’t raise any eyebrows in public.

Battery Life

The Evolve 2.0 features a 650mAh battery that users appreciate for its strength and extensive use between charges. The adjustable voltage is a typical feature of many vapes on the market right now, and the Evolve 2.0 continues the simplicity that users love. 

The battery has a preheat function that can be enabled by pressing the button twice. With an open lid, you can see the quartz dual coils on your concentrates pod begin to glow and will stay lit for 10 seconds.

This preheating is useful when vaping certain waxes and crumbles, but is not necessary for e-liquids and thinner oils that might get heated to a temperature well above their ideal power level.

Yo-Can Do It Too

The easy usability of the device has been one of the key highlights of this portable vape

Having 3 separate cartridges is not as confusing as you might think, as they magnetically snap right onto the battery. Each cartridge has its individual usage for whatever material you are vaping. Once you have attached your cartridge, click the button 5 times to power on the device, as is the case with most vapes out there. 

Opening your pod requires you to apply some pressure to the lid of the pod, pushing it to the side and detaching it in order to insert your designated material. Simply pulling the lid does not detach it, which is great for ensuring it stays closed when the vape is bouncing around your purse or backpack.

Temperature Range

The 3 variable voltages give you control over the power of your vape, depending on the materials in your cartridge. The green light indicates the highest voltage setting that’s perfect for thicker concentrates or certain cannabinoids like THCV, which requires a higher temperature to be effective. 

You can hit the button 3 times to change power settings, with the next light being blue and indicating the medium voltage setting. Lastly, the low setting on the battery will be represented by a white light.

Pros & Cons

Like any choice of vape, there are highs and lows to each device. Some portable vaporizers are built for giving great hits but not so much for battery efficiency.

Others might have a strong battery with low-quality parts that lessen the smoking experience and don’t allow you to get the most out of your material. Here are some pros and cons regarding the Evolve 2.0 for all those debating the decision:




  • Affordable
  • 3 Chambers (oil, concentrates, e-liquids)
  • Strong Battery


  • Long design
  • No Digital Display

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