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Native Advertising With Cannabis: Goodbye To Intrusive Ads

Apply native advertising to your cannabis marketing strategy and enjoy its benefits

Native advertising is a type of advertising that adapts to the online medium in which it is published. Its main feature is how it is displayed, always adapted to the environment in which it is found and thus avoids being invasive for the user.

It is a very useful tool that should be implemented as part of a complete cannabis marketing strategy.

What Are Native Ads

Native advertising is a marketing tool that is currently taking a lot of strength. It can be used in multiple formats. The most popular are ads on blogs that are external but in such an organic way that users have no problem following the backlinks or suggestions for reading content, as they are so related and integrated that it flows naturally.

Through these formats, attention is captured in a natural and very unintrusive way, allowing to attract those users who no longer react to standard advertising formats.

This content, developed by the brand, is usually in an editorial format and has an informative objective, allowing the user to relate the brand with positive values.

Native advertising is an excellent way to build trust among your audience, as they will see you as an authority in your field. It can also be a good way to increase traffic to your website or social media pages, as people are more likely to click on links that appear to be part of the article they are reading.

This type of marketing allows you to have a presence on reputable sites, improve users’ perception of your brand and increase accurate brand searches in the medium term.

Difference Between Regular And Native Ads

Native advertising is a form of paid advertising in which ads match the look, feel, and function of the media format in which they appear. They fit naturally into the web page, which applies very well to the cannabis industry.

Unlike banners or display ads, native ads don’t really look like ads, so they don’t interrupt the user’s interaction with the page, and believe us, users appreciate this.

What makes native ads effective is the fact that they are intentionally designed to integrate seamlessly with the platform they are running on, whereas traditional display ads are designed as banners that immediately stand out and grab attention.

Native ads are designed to integrate seamlessly with website content, including cannabis content. When done well, users feel like they are consuming content and not interacting with an ad.

How Is Native Advertising Used In Cannabis?

Native ads have many formats to be used; they usually appear as recommended content on cannabis websites, below or next to the article that has just been read.

They also appear as “in-feed” ads. As part of the feed of what is being watched, they can also appear as first options in searches.

It is a type of advertising with the appearance of editorial content, increasingly popular as the aversion to traditional advertising increases, which also applies to the cannabis industry.

Native ads are created from a series of metadata elements, such as a headline, thumbnail image, content URL, descriptive text, etc.

The main elements cannabis marketers should focus on when creating native ads for weed are the headline, the image, and the content the ad will link to. Here are some basic rules to get you started:

Images: Images should be congruent with the text, headline, and overall page. As a tip, use real images and forget about drawings and logos.

Content: The content the user reaches when clicking on the native ad should be a natural continuation of the ad experience. Never promote something in a native ad that has no continuation in the native content.

Identify the objectives: Before launching a native ad, consider the target audience and what you intend to achieve through this advertising.

Advantages Of Using Native Ads In The Cannabis Industry

What is the main advantage? They work. These are some of the benefits of native advertising:

Effectiveness: consumers look at native ads even more than traditional display ads. They also generate an increase in purchase intent.

Combats ad fatigue: Ad fatigue is what happens when the audience gets bored of seeing ads – we’ve been there and experienced it. Native ads are brand exposure cloaked in editorial content, so they don’t tire the audience.

Relevant: Because it’s relevant content, users don’t mind knowing it’s advertising.

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