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learn | 01.08.2020

This Machine Will Grow Weed Automatically And Message You When The Buds Are Ready To Smoke

The Seedo can grow up to marijuana five plants at a time with its fully-automated system.

Growing good indoor marijuana can be surprisingly tricky. Not only do you need to have a firm grasp of PH levels, proper nutrients, and light cycles, but thanks to marijuana’s legal status, you can’t just walk into Home Depot and buy a growing kit; you have to somehow rig it all up Macgyver style. This can deter many from growing their own plants.

A new self-monitoring marijuana growing device from Seedo Lab hopes to change this.

What The Seedo Grow can do for you

On the outside, the Seedo looks kind of like a mini-fridge, but on the inside, Seedo contains everything necessary to grow a marijuana plant.

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Photo courtesy of Seedo

The basic idea is that novice marijuana growers can put their cannabis seed or clone inside the Seedo, and it will take care of the rest, and message you via the phone application when the plant is ready to harvest.

The app also controls everything from the lighting, temperature, climate and even nutrients delivery. Growers can also watch their plants grow by checking the app, which is connected to a live camera inside the Seedo. This is an important function because, as anyone who’s grown marijuana indoors knows, if you allow light to hit your plants during their night-time cycle, it can seriously mess up the plant’s growing process by taking it out of the flowering stage and putting back in its vegetative stage. This can negatively affect your buds’ quality and size.

The beauty of the Seedo’s self-contained design is that it also eliminates the possibility of pests getting into your plants, which can be a problem even for indoor growers. This also means that growers don’t need to use potentially toxic pesticides on their crops. And lastly, the Seedo prevents the pungent smell of marijuana from wafting into one’s home. This is a seemingly small, but surprisingly essential feature. If you’re growing marijuana indoors, particularly during the hot summer months, it’s nearly impossible to prevent the smell from saturating one’s entire home. Most indoor growers have experienced the stress of inviting cannabis-disapproving friends or family members into their homes and hoping they don’t notice the stench wafting up from the basement. With the Seedo, growers can remain discrete.

The Seedo is also diverse and capable of growing other vegetables from lettuce to eggplants. And for marijuana specifically, the Seedo comes pre-programmed with settings that optimize its growing techniques for each individual strains. Users simply go to their app and select the specific strain they’ve planted in the Seedo, and the Seedo will modify its growing methods accordingly.

From Beginner to Pro With The Seedo Grow

The Seedo can grow up to five plants at a time with its fully-automated system.

If you grow more than one plant, you’ll simply need to take care of the trimming process manually.

If you’re looking to buy a Seedo, you can make a pre-order on their website here. The best part is, they ship the device to anywhere in the world. So if you’re a marijuana enthusiast but lack green thumbs, fret not. If you’re competent enough to can click buttons on your cell-phone, you can now grow your own marijuana plant.

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