Grab a cracker or a chunk of fresh bread and a heaping scoop of this indulgent dip for an appetizer everyone will love.

crawlin crab dip

Ketchup is a condiment classic. Imagine the perfection of cannabis-infused ketchup with burgers and fries. Here’s how you make cannabis ketchup at home.

Energy drinks are great and all. The next time you need energy, the Cannabis Energy Drink will give you a good dose of healthy hemp.

Cannabis Energy Drink

Red Velvet Cupcakes are the mini version of the classic Red Velvet Cake, and one of the more popular offerings in bakeries all across the world.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

This year, why not make your Chocolate Covered Strawberries cannabis-infused for a different Valentine’s Day treat!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Hoping to impress your sweetie with some delicious cannabis-infused treats this Valentine’s Day? Next-level your holiday with this romantic meal.

romantic meal

If you’re looking for the perfect weekend dish, look no further! These mouth-watering Braised Beef Nachos are even cannabis-infused. What could be better?

Braised Beef Nachos

If you love chicken wings, prepare to love them even more, thanks to this delicious Mile-High Wing Sauce that’s infused with cannabis.

Mile-High Wing Sauce

Whether you are rooting for the Patriots, the Falcons, or just came for the food, these infused snacks will make your Super Bowl party highly enjoyable.

SuperBowl Sunday

Combining the benefits of cannabis and honey has never been easier and more effective! Learn how to make your own Magical Cannabis Honey.

Magical Cannabis Honey

If you’re one of those people who like your foods hot and spicy, you can feel good in knowing that this is actually a healthy habit.


These delicious Washington Potato Skins are the perfect appetizer to any meal. Just wait until you try this cannabis-infused recipe.

Washington Potato Skins

You can use this BBQ Sauce recipe as a flavoring sauce, a marinade, basting or topping for meat cooked on the barbecue, or in a conventional oven.

Bangin’ BBQ Sauce

Bacon Buffalo Chicken Dip is a quick, easy, and delicious appetizer recipe that’s perfect for your next tailgate party or family fun night.

Bacon Buffalo Chicken Dip

Ranch dressing is arguably one of America’s favorite condiments. And now it’s made even better with the addition of cannabis-infused mayo.

Ranch dressing

Today is National Chocolate Cake Day. Are you a fan of chocolate, cannabis, and cake? Then you will love our Chocolate Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Cake.

Cannabis Chocolate Cake

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) used to be relegated to the shelves of health food stores. No more. The nutty tasting super food is going mainstream.


Can you really create a rich and flavorful soup without any animal products at all? No chicken stock, no cream, no cheese? These vegan soups prove yes!

Vegan Soups

Nacho cheese dip is an essential recipe for nearly any occasion. However, a cannabis-infused recipe is even MORE essential.

Get ready, because Game Day is approaching! Get your friends round to watch the action-packed game, and feast on subs made with our GameDay Sub-Sauce.

GameDay Sub-Sauce

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