10 More Idiotic Ways People Get High

These legal highs are gross, dumb, and dangerous. You won’t believe what people are using to get high.

Jun 18, 2016

Sometimes people go to great lengths for a little rush. From bee stings to fermented urine, for some, the need to get high knows no bounds. Here are the 10 most idiotic ways people get high. Remember: Don’t try any of these things at home. They’re dangerous, and pretty much guaranteed to give you a bad time.

1. Synthetic cannabis (spice)

When it comes to spice, you really have to say ‘no’. Commonly sold at head shops and convenience stores, spice is a man-made synthetic cannabis substitute with dangerous consequences. Back in 2011, actress Demi Moore decided to experiment with a synthetic cannabis known as K2, and she had a seizure. Luckily, a friend managed to call 911 for her. In her call, she tells police:

It’s not marijuana but it’s similar to, it’s similar to incense. And she seems to be having convulsions of some sort. – Friend of Demi Moore

Synthetic cannabis is made in factories across Eastern Europe, India, and predominantly China. It’s often made in factories that also produce chemicals found in regular household products. While the synthetic is supposed to engage the same cell receptors as our favorite herb, the man-made stuff has been known to cause addiction, heart failure, and seizures that eventually lead to death.

2. Nutmeg

idiotic ways to get high nutmeg Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car
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I really don’t know what’s more appealing: vomiting all over yourself or self-inducing nagging, persistent headache. While great for eggnog and cookies, nutmeg is actually poisonous in high concentrations.

But, nutmeg high doesn’t necessarily produce a euphoric or uplifting experience. Rather, too much of this pantry essential can cause hallucinations and intense feelings of doom. Don’t know why anyone would intentionally want to seek out a frightening, negative experience. Also unlike our good pal cannabis, a nutmeg overdose can be fatal.

3. Toads

idiotic ways to get high toad Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car
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Not only is toad licking gross, it can also be fatal. In order to experience the hallucinogenic effects of this amphibian, you have to squeeze the toad and extract psychoactive compounds like 5-methoxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine. This mean that you’re hurting a little animal just to get high.

When licked, toads also secrete several other poisons that cause physical harm. Cane toads, for example, also secrete compounds that cause muscle weakness and induce vomiting. So, you’ll likely just end up tripping out, puking on yourself, and too weak to be able to carry yourself to the bathroom. Not all toads have these hallucinogenic properties.

4. Jenkem

This is truly disgusting. The “invention” of Jenkem just goes to show that people will go to great lengths just to get a buzz. No joke, jenkem is made when people defecate or pee into a jar, cover the jar with a balloon, and let it ferment in the sun for a few days. Then you come back and inhale the poop-vapors. Seriously, so dumb.

5. Glue

idiotic ways to get high glue Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car
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Glue has a darker side. Walk down the streets of a major Guatemalan city, and you might spot children as young as 10 huffing glue. Sniffing certain kinds of adhesives can cause an alcohol-like experience. But, the effects of a few minutes of “fun” can be quite dangerous.

Glue sniffing causes liver and kidney damage, chronic respiratory infections, brain damage, and “unstable temperament and diminished levels of concentration.”

6. Benadryl

idiotic ways to get high benadryl Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car
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Taking too much Benadryl causes hallucinations. But, not the good kind. Hallucinations from this antihistamine are nearly impossible to distinguish from reality, making them frightening, unpleasant and have no psychotherapeutic value. Benadryl also cases extremely uncomfortable bodily sensations, and the hangover can last 2 to 3 days.

Again, why would you purposefully want to give yourself a negative experience just to get high? There are better and safer choices out there, folks.

7. Ambient music

idiotic ways to get high music Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car
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Some sites like i-Doser are now offering music that is supposed to make you high. The music is supposed to stimulate the production of certain brainwaves, drastically altering your mood. Overall, this is probably the safest option to experiment with, but might also be a huge waste of money.

Downloadable tracks are techno-like and feature druggy names like “peyote”, “Ayahuasca“, and “recreational doses”. Downloads cost as much as $16.95.

8. Bee Stings

idiotic ways to get high bee sting Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car
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This is yet another option that just sounds downright horrible. Your body has an immediate response to a bee sting. The immune system is activated, stress-hormone cortisol is released, and so is dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that influences reward-seeking behavior. It’s the same stuff that’s released during sex and recreational drug use.

Yet, you’d have to be truly desperate to risk getting stung by a swarm of bees just to feel a little rush. Positive social contact also releases dopamine. So does going for a run or a bike ride. But, bee stings? Craziness.

9. Paint

idiotic ways to get high spray paint Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car
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Spray paint contains chemicals that cause a temporary feeling of euphoria and hallucinations. The huge downside of purposefully inhaling this stuff? Increased risk of cancer, kidney damage, lung damage, respiratory infections, intense nausea, vomiting, loss of motor skills, seizures, spasms, and death. Those are some pretty serious risks for just a few minutes of an altered mood.

10. Whip-its

idiotic ways to get high whip its Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car
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Whip-its are taking hits out of something like a spray can of whipped cream. The cans contain nitrous oxide, which causes a fleeting feeling of euphoria for 10 seconds to a couple of minutes. The downside? You can laugh for 10 seconds and then pass out. You’re essentially depriving your body of oxygen. Repeated use also causes nerve damage over time.

If you find yourself craving whipped cream canisters just for a few moments of happiness, you might want to re-evaluate some of the priorities in your life.

If there’s one thing to take away from this list, it’s that people go to crazy lengths just for very temporary, fleeting sensations of pleasure. Most  of the things included here are not only legal but are fairly easy to access. Hell, nitrous oxide is available right in the dairy isle at the grocery store.

Nearly all of these dumb ways to get high have serious consequences, including brain damage and death. And yet, cannabis, which has none of these horrific side effects, is still illegal. What gives?

Have you heard of any other dumb ways to get high? Share your thoughts with us on social media or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

Jun 18, 2016