10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Awesome. Vol 2


There are so many more than ten reasons why cannabis is awesome, and it’s time for some more appreciation!

Sera Jane Ghaly
Nov 26, 2015
reasons cannabis is awesome

There are so many more than ten reasons why cannabis is awesome. The plethora of ways that cannabis is beneficial medicinally and recreationally is impossible to investigate in a single piece of prose – or maybe even a lifetime. Well, it’s marijuana appreciation time.

Unfortunately, cannabis cops a lot of bad publicity in our media and isn’t well appreciated by the governing powers of the world. So this article is an ode to cannabis if you will, an opportunity to talk about all the reasons why marijuana is one of the most versatile plants in the world. Enjoy reading about all the reasons we love marijuana, and we hope that you find cannabis awesome for these reasons, too!

1. Cannabis makes you a co-creator!

Remember the time you used to watch artists and musicians and wonder where they get the inspiration to create such beautiful pieces of art? Well, they probably found it in cannabis.

Cannabis opens doorways in your brain that elicit increased creativity. The altered state of perception makes creating fun, and actually makes your mind more malleable to learning skills.

2. For when you just can’t get to sleep
10 reasons sleep 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Awesome. Vol 2
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There are millions of people out there using marijuana as a way to drift off into the deepest sleep. In fact, even medical only marijuana (marijuana not containing THC) assists in curing insomnia, and so the user doesn’t even need to get high. Why use dangerous pharmaceutical drugs when cannabis is more effective… and way more fun!

3. Cannabis helps you love your job
10 reasons job 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Awesome. Vol 2
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Because going to work drunk or tripping on LSD is next to impossible – everyone is going to know and you probably won’t be able to do your job. But still, your boss is a jerk and you’re not very inclined towards wanting to go to work.

A one hitter before work, on your lunch break or whenever is the most stressful time of the day for you can help you walk into the office with a smile on your face!  I wouldn’t be encouraging you to go to work stoned, except that I am, because if you hate your job, cannabis will help you love it.

4. It makes you more intelligent
10 reasons smart 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Awesome. Vol 2
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This one didn’t make the list just because of our bias – it’s actually true. Simply in the act of altering your state of consciousness, and experiencing yourself from a different perspective, makes you more intelligent. Modern research suggests that using marijuana might actually grow stem cells – effectively growing your brain.

5. Traffic jams
10 reasons traffic 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Awesome. Vol 2
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Sitting in a traffic jam is arguably one of the most frustrating things in the world – despite the fact that you’re sitting there doing nothing! So why is it so frustrating? Because you should be smoking some cannabis! The truth about this one is that cannabis just helps you get through any idle task that is boring! Being high is never boring, and so if you find yourself in a traffic jam, pulling out your piece can’t hurt!

6. Cannabis helps you sit through bad movies
10 reasons movie 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Awesome. Vol 2
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You let your partner choose the movie tonight, against your better judgment – but because you love them. Well, it doesn’t have to be complete agony if you smoke a joint before the movie. You might find the comedic value in your girlfriend’s chick flick, or the trippy effects of THC might make that action movie very visually interesting. In any case, it’s going to be more fun than sitting through a bad movie stoned!

7. Smoking weed is the best relief for period pain – or any pain
10 reasons joint 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Awesome. Vol 2
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Ahh, all the girls out there know that products for period pain just do not work. But sneaking off for a few tokes of a joint just makes the pain go away – or makes you care less about the pain that you have. Whichever it is, it doesn’t matter. Marijuana is used by a lot of people who are suffering from chronic pains of all kinds, and these people have found it more effective than dangerously addictive pharmaceutical drugs.

8. The best hot shower you have ever had! 10 reasons shower 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Awesome. Vol 2

Having a hot shower after a long day at work is probably one of the day’s greatest pleasures. But to turn that shower into the best hot shower you have ever had only requires having a smoke before you jump in. Why does it feel so good to be standing under a stream of hot water when you are stoned?

9. Marijuana helps stabilize moods
10 reasons moods 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Awesome. Vol 2
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It may be the relaxing properties of both THC and CBD, but marijuana has been found to stabilize moods. It does so in the case of people with anxiety, who generally feel more relaxed after using marijuana. It also assists with depression if used correctly, and generally any undesired spike in mood.

10. Everything is more fun with cannabis

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The truth about cannabis is, if you are a true enthusiast, doing basically anything is better with cannabis. Smoking a joint before doing basically anything makes it more fun and makes you more open and receptive to the experience. The reason cannabis is so awesome is because it makes everything else in life so awesome!

Tell us why you think cannabis is awesome!

Sera Jane Ghaly
Nov 26, 2015